How to rotate the tire...

…or even fix a flat on my KH 24" with 3" Duro Leopard tire.

So I deflated the tire to rotate it today. Tried with the tire still mounted. Nope. Took a couple of tire irons to lift the bead. Lifted it in 2 spots, but couldn’t move a tire lever around to remove the bead from the rim. It seemed like my fat Quickstick tire lever was gonna snap.

I might have gotten somewhere, but I was also afraid I might dent the rim if I tried too hard, making it useless for a rim brake (which I don’t have yet). I’ve done recalcitrant bike tires before, but I’ve also had rims deform under a plastic tire lever and a tight tire.

Anyway I figured it was time to take a break and ask for advice.

I just let all the air out grab the little thing you put air in and slide the tire it is quick and easy… Goo luck!

It seemed like my fat Quickstick tire lever was gonna snap.

I might have gotten somewhere, but I was also afraid I might dent the rim if I tried too hard, making it useless for a rim brake (which I don’t have yet)QUOTE]

I use metal tire levers (I break plastic levers trying to get that tire off). I try to pull the bead as close to the edge of the rim (with the tire lever) before exerting any sizable amount leverage so that I place the least amount of force on the fulcrum (i.e., the rim). I have not dented my rim but I usually take off some of the paint.

If the tire is super tight on the rim even when deflated it is often easier to rotate the cranks and leave the tire be.


Great suggestion john!

Now I guess my only worry is if I get a flat. But for now all is good.

The metal tire lever suggestion above is one I might try too. For flats. If they occur. I remember it coming up in similar discussions on bike newsgroups.

I thought you should not rotate the cranks, except 180, so that you don’t place the seam of the rim perpendicular to the cranks (so that you don’t land on it on drops). Am I wrong?

Breaking stuff is an excuse to upgrade. :roll_eyes:

I rotate my cranks, it is quick and easy (On a Torker) I would assume a KH is not that much different. I did not think about the seam of the rim. I will watch for that now. If rotating the cranks is bad, could someone please tell me why.


Rotating cranks on splined hubs is ok, but on square taper you want to avoid rmoving and refitting the cranks as much as possible, each time you do the interface deforms more and eventually they won’t fit anymore.

Personally I use some metal tyre levers my dad bought in the 60s, they work better than anyhting i’ve found subsequently and don’t ding the rim.

Davidji, which KH do you have? I presume the '07, as the tyre comes easily off my '05. If it has the moment crankset then you will need an ISIS puller to get the cranks off, for goodness sake don’t use a standard square taper puller, a number of people have wrecked their hubs as the part that impinges on the end of the hub is too small and will go down the bolt hole, destroying the thread on the way.

Let the air out, lay the unicylce flat on the ground, place a 2x4 block under a section of the tire (but not the rim) and just stand on it. The tire bead will pop loose with no worries of damaging the rim. Rotate slightly and repeat.

I’ve done this with bike and motorcycle tires with no problems. Car tires I’ve actually put under the tire of my truck and driven over the tire (not the rim) to pop them off the bead.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reminder!! I read something about this stuff but didn’t remember all the details. Both the splined bike cranks I’ve had used extractor bolts, and I was planning to get a set for the uni if I needed to remove the cranks.

Yes it’s an 07.

no, but it seems that it would be the VERY best to have it in line w/ the cranks, that seems stronger. My rim is bent at the seam, but its not a big problem

You mean you can get self extracting bolts to for the KH moment crank? I’ve got the 05 which had self extracting cranks and they’re so useful, I hate having to use an extractor.

I assumed they’d work. I guess I can pull one off my ISIS MTB and find out.

Does it have a central bolt and then a ring that screws in to the extractor threads in the crank like the older KH ones? Or is there some complete other method?

Rotating the tire is relatively easy, just hop on and pedal. The tire will rotate one full rotation with each full pedal stroke.

I know, I’m sorry. This joke has been done before.

Yes. I expect it will work. Am I wrong?

I’ve had pretty much the same extractor bolts on a couple of different splined cranksets. I guess I’ve only used my crank puller on square tapers, and I’m glad I got the reminder to be careful about how I remove the KH Moments.

No that sounds great, don’t know wh they weren’t fitted as standard.

unless its geared!