How to reconstruct an KH Spooner?

Hi guys,

first of all why i want to reconstruct an KH Spooner?
Well i like to build and construct some parts by my own
and also i don’t want to pay about 20 € for a piece of plastic.

So now my question.
Have anyone here done something like this before and could give me some tips?

It would be also very helpfull if someone can send me some photos of his KH Spooner in parts, because on the intenet you could only find some where the Spooner is screwed to the brakelever.
If you could put a ruler beside it for the photos so that i can value the size of the parts this would be perfect.

Greetings from Germany,

It is oval shaped, about 1.75 inches long x 1.5 across and made of two pieces of molded plastic each about .25 thick. The inside is cored out to maintain an even wall thickness and there is a channel inside where the lever fits. The underside where your fingers touch is concave. The two halves bolt together and lock onto the lever by friction. I had to cut the end off my lever to make it fit on a disk brake system.

It would be very easy to make one yourself out of a nice piece of wood. Basically you would need two oval shaped pieces maybe .25" or thicker, carve out a channel on the inside where the lever would fit, and then bolt them together with 4 recessed bolts and nuts around the perimeter of the part.