How to open beer... with your unicycle presents to you a new tutorial, in English. This tutorial will teach you in short how to open beer with your unicycle, this first episode shows the easiest way, using your pedals. More episodes will be made to show other ways to open beer with your unicycle.

This video tutorial is dedicated to Roger Davies, for teaching me how.



HA! Thats great…Im gonna try it later.

Shhhh…Don’t anyone tell the B*kers.

Search function.

bah, they all use silly clipless pedals.

Has anyone every tried clipless on a uni? I imagine that could turn out bad if your reactions were fast enough. But it would probably make jumping and revs easier.

Thanks for that, I won’t have to use the door latch on my truck anymore!!

come cokerers use them I think.

all my drinking is done with twist of caps. infact i dont think ive had to deal with a pop top bottle in years. but id like to find some now and try it out!

mabey for trials but for street it would be hard to maintain fast reactions for long lenths of time :wink:

superb video! i cant wait for the next instalment

Did you drink all of those yourself?

Interesting and informative…I give it an A+ Dustin.

I might try it in… 1210 days…when i’ll be 18 (Drinking age here)