How to make trades?

Hi, i will soon be making a trade here on the forum, and i have a question. How do i know he will send out the product? Since it is a trade, we can’t do a money order or anything, so it seems kind of hard to make sure that both parties will come through. THanks

trust and people on here wont rip you off, there true to their word

who is it you are trading with?

Short answer: you don’t.
But think about it, he’ll be thinking the same thing, and to scam somebody in this community would be a bad idea.

Just have a little trust :slight_smile: The few times I’ve got things through otherr people everything has gone fine :smiley:

THanks everybody, that is what i had thought, but I just wanted to make sure :smiley: And the name of the guy is davidp

I recently did a trade with a member of the forum where we both sent nearly $1000USD worth of product to one another accrossed the country without ever having met face to face. Everything went as planned. Tracking numbers were used to show the product had shipped and arrived at it’s destination, and we both had eachother’s cell phone numbers to communicate. Many pictures were taken to show everything that was being shipped right before it was packed up and sent.

Don’t trade new members of the forum. I’d only reccomend trading people that have been here for a while and are well known in the community from attending meets or conventions. The same sort of scam described can come from people cashing checks and never sending product. Has this person sold stuff on the forums before?

Dealing locally is always your best bet.

Not all of us live in areas that are conductive to meeting other unicyclists at meets etc.

I have traded on the forums before but bought and sold more often. All with people I have never met in real life. Whenever I was dealing with anyone I was not familiar with I click on their name and then the “Find More Posts by user” and have a look at what they have been doing on the forums. You should be able to tell from their posts if they are actually a unicyclist.

davidp seems like the real thing, unless it is an elaborate one year buildup to scam you out of a set of cranks. :wink: