How To Maintain your Mountain Unicycle

Here’s a short video regarding the Maintenance of your unicycle. If you have anything to add it would be great! If you liked the video, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel(Yike) for more unicycle content :slight_smile:How to Maintain your Mountain Unicycle


Nice effort. You are doing some really cool stuff, and building some skills both riding and making content. You haven’t hit your stride yet with the content creation, but if you keep at it - you will. You just gotta find your angle for the content you create. I will toss an upvote and keep an eye on your channel.


Thanks! I appreciate it a lot! I got a long way to go skill wise, and. Content wise, so I’m glad you’re on board

Thumbs up, from Texas! Keep at it!

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Well done, I enjoyed your video :slight_smile: . I’m sure you’re going to keep that Hatchet in tip-top condition, its a nice uni to have. I hope your shoulder gets better soon and you get it back on the trails.

Good luck with the unicycling and content creation!

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Nice job! I’d be interested in learning more about the hub maintenance! Maybe about cleaning it, frequency, whether I should be worried about over tightening/under tightening and what the correct torque looks like. Keep at it! Excited to see unicycle specific maintenance videos :call_me_hand:t3:

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Good overview!

I disagree on the bearings however, there is more risk of damaging the seals (which is ultimately shortening the lifespan) than benefit of adding new grease in my opinion. Unless you submerged it in water or aimed a pressure washer right at them, the factory grease should last the lifespan of the bearing.


Thanks for the feedback! I could definitely do a more focused hub maintenance video in the future.

Thanks for the advice. I will keep that in mind for the future. I don’t know everything so I glad you said something:)