How to learn

I have seen a lot of advice around websites but how do you recommend i learn?

Lets start by you hanging onto a fence, rail, wall, anything that you can hang onto, and grab onto to keep your balance.

Get your uni, and mount onto it. You’re gonna be sloppy when your first mounting your uni, but you can worry on getting better with mounting once you can ride better.

Once on the uni, keep one hand on the wall or whatever your by to keep balance, now try to get your pedals to be horizontal. Either with your right or left foot in front.

Stay like the for a few moments, and adjust yourself. Make sure our sitting on the seat comfortably, if your a guy, you want to move your junk out of the way by putting things out in front of you.

Now your probably pretty comfortable just sitting there, so its time to try to pedal. Keep your back straight, and try to put all the weight on the seat. This will take some getting used to, because most likely all your weight will be on the pedals, but you want your weight to be on the seat mainly. Now that your posture is good, and your comfortable, try to pedal.

You probably wont get too far, maybe half a rev or maybe more, but now all you gotta do is get back on your uni, and keep pushing off and pedaling trying to go farther and farther each time.

Its gonna take a while, but that’s ok, and you’re gonna be swinging your arms all over the place, which is ok, cause that keeps your balance, and will go away once you become a better rider.

Goodluck, and welcome to the forums!!

i found the best advice that i have ever given anyone interested in learning is to lead with your hips, the rest of your body has to follow or you will break something. also it helps for later on when you beging sharp turns etc.

after you are used to the feeling of holding on to something and getting the pedals going around stop using any aids. just hold on to the side of the shed/car/something sturdy and lean forward and ride. you will keep getting further and further and within time you will be one of us.

I started with 2 chairs on either side of me and i pushed away from them and just tryed to keep the uni under me because when I pushed the top of me was going faster than the bottom and i didn’t want to face plant so i pedaled I did’t even start with a fence I just went straight to that…

i learned at my old apartment complex. it had 2 walls kinda close to each other so i practiced riding between them.
later the tenis court fence was being replaced so i rode by the fence posts. it was really not so bad when i fell there, it was a dust court.

i just went to a trash can and put one hand on it and mount the uni, then i pushed myself away from the trash can and pedal … just look at what you think did wrong (like leaning back, stop pedaling, pedal with one leg more than with the other and so) and try to improve it in your next try, i got a hold of it in about 4 days or so, i have my unicycle for 11 days now and i can ride until my legs start to hurt or something comes in my way :smiley:

This is just about the best way to learn.

I found a long railing waist to chest hieght a lot better than a wall (could pull or push my self away from it). Instead of riding off away from the rail ride along it trying to hold on w/ only one hand then try to get 1/2 crank revs, then several consecutively then whole revs, then 2, 5, 10.

Then I practiced dismounting w/in a smallish area w/ the uni in front consistently. My railing was shaped like a 80 foot long horse shoe, so I then practiced turns. I ran into the fence plenty of times.

When I could turn consistently along the fence I did some circles w/ diameters like 40 feet. Left, then right, then smaller and figure eights. Then I started going around the block.

I learned with an open garage i would ride the gap, until i made it then ride on a drive way and mark your farthest ride with a piece of chalk it helps alot

I’m just a learner myself, but I have a couple of learning questions that rarely get much attention in How-To’s.
The pedalling action on a uni feels very different to that of a b*ke, so I have to ask: Is it advisable to i) wear shoes with a distinct heel? ii)tilt the foot so that the toe is pointing downwards, effectively assisting the push beyond the vertical position?
I’ve only about 40 minutes saddle-time behind me, but switching to DMs instead of trainers felt a bit easier. My concern being that this might be create some bad habit that comes back to bite me further up the learning curve.
How long does it usually take to learn? In my 40 minutes I haven’t managed more than about 2 metres (and even that was a one-off) without the assistance of a hand-rail. The uni is clearly a tough trick, but how long does it take to get moving unassisted?

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This might have already been mentioned, but the best advice I got when I was first learning was FLAIL YOUR ARMS!!! This will MAKE you keep your balance. Also, Putting all your weight on the seat will feel like the most awkward thing in the world. But you HAVE to do it. I didn’t when I was first learning, and my inner-thighs paid the price. Riding a uni is SO much easier when you actuall SIT ON THE SEAT. You’ll get it!

OH, and also, a good way to learn is have 2 people stand on either side of you and hold your wrists. Having sombody stand in front of you isn’t a great idea though, this DID NOT work for me. I just tried to break free from a wall and go as far as I could.

Watching people unicycle is VERY helpful. You can see how its done, and it makes it easier for you to do.

Hope this helped


Also, dont use the method where you hold ski poles. I had a friend that did this, and when he finnaly learned when he would fall, he would try to grab his poles, but they weren’t there. So it was hard for him to ride normal.

So dont do it…

Then you’ll get it :slight_smile:

Oh, and remember. No matter how discouraged you get…