How to learn unicycling ?

Hi all,
I hope this thread is slow only because everyone is out there riding like me with not much new to add here. The weather is turning cool here now and I love it! I still work up a sweat when I ride and still can’t go more than 750 meters without UPDing due to leg fatigue. Still have too much weight on the pedals but time heals all. I just haven’t been getting out as regularly as I’d like. There are times when it’s a week between riding days. My 16 year old son is now out there with me sometimes trying to ride now using my 20". He insists on learning by trying to freemount and ride off! OK, what-eva! He’s able to get up once out of 20 times and then pedal about 3 revolutions. He’ll get it sooner or later. I kinda giggle as I get on my 24" and take off around the block while he struggles with it and watches me go over the horizon! yuk, yuk. And I yell, Yi-haa! as I ride off.
BTW, I turned 55 last week and uni is still the most fun I’ve had in the last 45 years. Yi-haa!

Happy Birthday^^^

We had a convention (ride the blootz*) over the weekend, with ~ 50 unicyclists from Germany (and Austria). It was no competition because the convention was organized especially for beginners (although we had quite some experiences unicyclists too). Just to ride together and to talk.

Here are 2 Photos:

*) Blootz is a local food, similar to pizza, but much better

Wow, Hugo, that’s a beautiful picture of the riders heading out into the sunset. It’s my screensaver for this month.

One of those girl’s has my unicycle!

New move

Yesyerday I decided try doing a jump mount on my 20" after watching a few tutorials. It’s not too bad after the first few tries. I only tried it for about 10minutes, though. Then I realized I had forgot to put on my helmet or any other protection!

Brave man!

Glad everyone’s not given up or gone away. Been stupidly busy but have been making some time to Uni, just not had much time to post.

Succeeded in being able to hold onto the seat much more which has transformed my climbing ability.

Been riding about 9 months now and I’m still loving it. Will try and find some time to do some video and post, you can all give me some tips :wink:

Gents, I am planning to do a marathon next year in May. I will do a test ride this or next week to see how far and fast I can go, but I am pretty sure that I can make it in less than 3 hours if I practice a little more.

Excellent! Good luck with it Hugo,
But I can’t read a word of that link! Is there a link to a map?

Düsseldorf Marathon 2009

Official registration: (There is also a map)
Additional registration for unicyclists is required here as step 2:

Awesome Hugo!
How far is the marathon? I’m not familiar with this term related to biking/unicycling.
I am jealous. I haven’t ridden my uni for so long. Doctor told me it was torn ligaments in my ankle. I can’t wait until spring.
You are really progressing so quickly!

I’m probably riding in the fun run next week, that’s only 2, 5 or 10km, but it will still be fun!

Something weird is going on. I’ve got my uni seat on nice and straight but I still seem to ride with my torso a bit angled to the left so my right shoulder is a bit forward. It feels like I am slightly twisting at my hips.
I’m riding a 24" with a Hookworm tire. It also happens when I had the knobby Maxxis tire on.
Any ideas on what is causing this? I thought it might be caused by road crown but when I ride to the other side of the road it still happens. I can still go about 3/4 of a kilometer before UPDing but I feel that if I could get totally squared up I’d be able to survive the bumps that get me towards the end of the ride.
I know the solution is to keep practicing and eventually it will go away and I can live with that. But maybe someone has been there/done that and has a quick fix to this.

(Don’t suggest I turn my seat a bit to the right to compensate!)



Maybe this is a stupid idea, but what if you were to turn the seat 180 degrees and ride for a bit? If the twist remained in the same direction you could rule out mechanical causes of the twist. Perhaps your body is compensating for an issue with the uni that you aren’t consciously aware of?


Interesting…but that may do damage to “my equipment” if you know what I mean!

Hi Dave,

Actually if you are talking about your unicycling equipment, a short ride should loosen your pedals at worst. You would essentially be riding the uni backward but it would feel the same as forward. Know what I mean? As for other “equipment”—turning the seat 180 degrees should be no different from riding forwards as normal.


Ahhhhh, I get what you are saying… after turning your seat 180 degrees relative to the hub, rotate your body 180 degrees to match the seat, then try riding. See what I mean?


Wow, even that last response could be misread. How about this: Put your seat on backward. Then, ride forward relative to the seat, not relative to the unicycle beneath it. You will be riding backward relative to the hub, but forward relative to the seat. I’m getting a headache.:slight_smile:


I see what you meant now! Yup, I thought your first suggestion was a bit novel and would hurt my fleshy equipment… turning my seat around but not turn ‘me’ around! Tomorrow I will try your suggestion above and see what happens. Everything seems to be fine with the uni… pedals turn freely, wheel spins nice and straight.

Maybe a simpler way to test is… do you twist the same way on your 20"? If yes, its you, if no, its the uni.