How to learn faster


Someone suggested to me that riding with a shopping cart as a “walker” is a good learning aid. I actually heard this just hours ago and it struck my curiosity. Its too late for me but if you try it report back. :smiley:

Hmmm. I wonder if that would be helpful for learning one footed riding? I must find a shopping cart and try it. I always wanted to be a “bag lady.”

If you try it please report back! :smiley:

About the bag lady thing…It is never too late! :stuck_out_tongue:

one footed attempt with a shopping cart, smelling of mad dog 20/20… it’s a plan!

Yeah, that would work for 1 footed riding. A small garbage can with wheels also works pretty well, although it’s much less stable.

I tried to roll my trash cans in on the uni…much less stable - don’t think that would help a learner. Shopping carts are stable on 4 wheels and heavy.

I learnt in two days. But I did practice for about 16 hours on the first day and at least 6 hours on the second, and I had the advantage of being a very fit young man.

If you keep at it you’ll get there. Determination is key, and you seem to have that.

Well guess what? I’m at the end of day SIX and I can go five pedals one out of twenty or so times. The rest of the time I get one or two. That doesn’t sound like success to me.

PS: Paulfolio, I’m jealous… :frowning: I wish I could do that…

Youll break through soon. Are you twisting? Thats what helped me.

Seriously if you can do five pedals you can do more. I think you are thinking/over thinking about this, get on and enjoy it! Try just practicing five pedals, and don’t put pressure on yourself to ride 500 feet. Don’t worry about how much you can improve today. I think if you just try to enjoy the five pedals the sixth one will come much easier. I’m no expert but I know when I over think I tend to fail when I think and relax I do much better. I have good days where I improve and I have days that I can’t do even the easiest thing, but I think those days I’m just pressuring myself too much. Good luck and just try to relax and go for it (the five pedals and be happy) without pressuring yourself.

at the point where I was going 20-50 feet max, I got a text. I flipped open the phone and read it, then I started typing and sending… I had to have ridden 400 feet! by putting my mind on auto pilot, my brain was able to focus on riding! you’re still at a few to half a dozen pedal strokes, but when you start going farther a distraction may help. this isn’t a logical process, it’s a primal brain motor skill. try as you might to think about it, but it’s truly practice that get’s the job done and taking your mind off the task may help.

Stop counting rev’s and stop counting days is my advice.

Some unsolicited advice: Make sure you are relaxed before each attempt. Shake your arms out, roll your neck around a couple of times and take a couple of deep but relaxed breaths and then do your next try. You might be surprised how much tension you are letting build up.

Two things I have noticed with some beginners:

They tend to pedal too slow, or they don’t pedal smoothly. Keep those pedals moving and try to get your speed up a bit and balance will be easier.

The 2nd thing I’ve seen is that some people think that there is some magic balance spot you can sit in to ride (I call it ‘bike syndrome’). Nope, riding a uni is a more active thing. That’s why people say flail your arms, and twist.

But most of all, relax and have fun, and before you know it you will be.

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  1. Lean way forward with your arms right out in front of you before you hop on.
  2. Make sure your mass is central over the seatpost before you hop.
  3. Learn to juggle on the uni - you’ll be getting on and off so frequently to pick up balls that it will become automatic.

Thank you, this afternoon will be reserved for practice!

Okay, today, I had the exact same results as yesterday except for one magic moment– I totally forgot about unicycling while I was talking to my brother and I went like 15 feet. I fell because I realized I was unicycling… And I couldn’t do it again…

…and then you will do it again. Then, you will do it a bunch of times. Then you will suddenly not be able to do it at all and you will think, “what the heck?” it is all part of the process. It’s frustrating, but it makes the accomplishment that much sweeter. Don’t compare your progress to those who claim to get it in a couple of days. That is rare (and probably not always accurate).

Way to go! 15’ is awesome. I think most people have had that ‘im doing it, I’m riding, and fall off moment’. Congrats man, you are no longer trying to ride a unicycle. You are now learning to ride better and stay up longer.

and +1 on what Mbalmer wrote.

Awesome, see you relaxed and weren’t pressuring yourself. As mbalmer said you will do it again, then you won’t be able to and then you will surprise yourself again. I totally agree also don’t compare yourself to someone else, just do what you can and know you are getting it. Congrats on the 15 feet!

Ah, the early breakthroughs. Notice how your conscious mind can work against you. It’s hard to relax your body by telling it to relax. Don’t over-think it. Just ride.