How to install disc on KH

Hi all
I was looking for a detailed guid on how to install the disc on a KH frame
I’ve read but…
the manual is made for 160 disc,
if you use (as the last KH) a 180 mm is not clear how to mount the “adapter” does anyone have a vido of the installation?
to me the order, going from pedal to the hub, should be

  • caliper
  • adapter
  • frame
    if the adapter has written “up side” what is the risc of mounting it the other way around?

used the search button but I was not able to find usefull infomation.

The way you fit everything should be identical to the instructions.

You do need the correct adaptor for the disc size and the up needs to actually point up. Also i’m not certain if it needs to be a front or rear adaptor (but think its probably a front).

If you use the wrong size adaptor, the brake pads will not be positioned in the proper position. At a minimum you will lose performance. Otherwise things simply wont fit at all.

the issue is that the instruction do not foresse an adaptor,
because are mde for 160 mm disk :expressionless:

All disc brake unicycles use an adaptor. The brake calliper doesn’t just mount to the frame tab. has some if you want to use an aftermarket rotor. Otherwise one or more of them will come with the calliper.

but is not on the instruction sheet

in the pic there is

  • frame
  • caliper
  • disc
    my understanding is that the adapter goes on the same side of the caliper, just below.

That is true that the diagram you posted does not show explicitely the adapter (like on your initial pic). However, the two bolts attaching to the frame will go right in it. And when you position the caliper like in the diagram, you will quickly see that there is no way it can go directly on the caliper :slight_smile:

For the aftermarket disk kits, there should be an adapter that matches the disk provided. If you shop everything separately, don’t forget that an adapter depends on the brand and is specific to a disk size.

Adapter Issue!

This looks like the very thread for this question!

Being a bit lazy here, but hoping that someone can give me a quick diagnosis and solution to my problem, which is that I’ve set-up an EDB on my KH36, but the rotor won’t fit fully into the brake, and this stops the wheel bearings fitting into the frame. Hopefully, the photos will show this more clearly.


  • KH36 with disc brake tab
  • Spirit EDB compatible cranks
  • Shimano front post disc brake (SLX M675)
  • Shimano mount adaptor - front post to IS - 180mm
  • 180mm Tektro rotor

I know the KH installation guide talks about 2mm washers as spacers to get the fitting right, but that seems to be for an IS brake direct to the frame, plus the rotor looks like it needs a lot more than 2mm more space.

Fitted to this point last night and didn’t have time to try to resolve it, even if I knew what I could do. Will attempt to puzzle it out tonight, but if you can see anything obvious, that would be really helpful!

Have I mounted the adaptor the wrong way round, or something? Have I got the wrong adaptor? Do I just need a few need spacers? Help!

These and a couple of other pictures are also available at higher resolution here.

I am far from a disk brake specialist.

However, I have 2 remarks:

  • seems like turning the adapter upside-down will push the caliper higher on the frame and so provide some additional clearance
  • a picture from the top would be helpful to see if the bearing is not going all the way down or if it is sideways (because of the disk contact with the caliper)

Thanks for replying, Sid.

Useful observations/questions, which got me thinking more clearly (perhaps). I’ve looked at the pictures again and thought about what’s actually happening. While I can’t supply a picture from the top at the moment, I think most of the clearance problem is at the rear - as in, the bearings certainly don’t go all the way down into the bearing holders, but I don’t think they’re totally centred either, and the wheel is prevented from centering by the rotor meeting the back of the brake.

I’m not very good at visualising these sorts of things, but it does look as though if the adapator were to be flipped it would put the brake further back, which might allow it to sit down properly.

I’ll try that this evening and update.

UDC (UK) have a picture with the adaptor the correct way up.
Normally there is an arrow or “top” written on the bracket to indicate which way round it goes.

The fat bit goes at the bottom near the bearings.
The skinny bit goes at the top / higher up the fork leg.

Picture pinched from UDC (hope that’s OK)

Of Course!

Good spot, Reeny! Thanks.

OK, I’ve swapped it around and it totally works, as expected. I also noticed that there is, indeed, an indicator on the adaptor for UP. Totally missed that last night, somehow.

Thanks, Sid and Reeny!