How to improve sales of unicycles in a business?

I have a small Houston-based cycle shop where I offer all kinds of accessories, including gear systems, breaks, and tires for tricycles, bicycles, unicycles, and more. Despite all of the material, the sale is not satisfying. So here I’m looking for suggestions regarding growing my sales. Kindly share some ideas that can help me improve my overall business


Uh, not sure this is the best place for this kind of business advice :thinking:
Perhaps you could start by presenting yourself in #introduce-yourself so we know a bit more about you?

Since you’re in Houston, you’ve got a huge market which should allow you to sell niche products like unicycles effectively. What I would want to do is cater to the high end market. Maybe, keep a few of the low end unicycles as well, but the reason people go to a LBS is to get the good stuff and to fix the things they don’t feel comfortable fixing themselves. For low end product, there’s always walmart or target. The problem is going to be that the online retailers are almost always going to be able to undercut you. Perhaps by importing European unicycles like Quax and Mad4One you could profit by being able to sell to those who wish to avoid ordering internationally. Also, while I won’t spend a whole lot more, I will spend $20-$100 extra in a local shop, depending on the product, just because I like having them there when I need them and I want them to stay in business. I suspect a lot of other people feel similarly.

One other thing to consider, having some of the weird stuff in stock, fat tire Hatchet, 36ers, giraffes, etc… should make your shop a place that avid unicyclists will want to be sure and check out. As to exactly how many people that is and whether it pencils out I don’t know, but I think it’s always better to be that shop that’s a Mecca for enthusiasts.

Kind of off-topic but I have some. However, I am not sure that the shipping from France to USA will be worth the trouble (expensive and slow?).

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In Pittsburgh Thick bikes runs a program called unicycles are a thing. He takes unicycles to a public space where there are lots of walkers and bikers on the river front and invites people to give it a try. It also promotes his bike business

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Thanks Siddhartha…Yes, I see all those uni products “trapped” in europe.
YEs, it would be very expensive to airfreight special delivery.
I just have to wait for the freighter to finally get thru the ports.
In meantime, I have to ride on grass so I don’t pop my tires riding offroad over rose or raspberry thorns.

this seems to be good idea thanks

don’t worry it is not a spam account, I am here just to look for suggestions.

@anon7356683 Are you looking to increase sales of unicycles, or unicycle accessories, or both? You mention unicycles in the thread title, but seem to only mention accessories in your post.

You mean electric or leg driven ?

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