how to hold your saddle

hi i just recently gone from jumping with to hands on the saddle to just the one, and i must admit i find it a bit easier, even though i cant hit those 90 cm i can with one hand yet.

anyway my Q: how do you hold your saddle a pic would be nice so i can see exatly were the fingers go, the reason i ask is, that my biggest problem with trails is that i cant get hold of the seat when i land,(sometimes i even loose my seat in mid air.

and is there ánything you can do to your seat that will make it easier to hold? i am using the kh street gel

or is there another seat that i should just get instead ??

thanks in advance… and sry for the semi-wall-o-text

I just use my right hand and grab the damn thing… no real grabbyness, sept keep your thump over it…

Are you talking about SI or SIF? For SIF, there already is a thread if I remember correctly.

cant find another thread… please link me to it if there is one

Somebody in the German forum bluilt this and is happy with the handling:

The thread is in German, but I think you can pm him, if you want:

damn im tempted to do that!!! looks great!
but i think i might just regret it when i screw up and cut my entire seat in half

Hey your the dude that hit 90cm holding the seat with two hands :smiley:

Were never going to let that go untill we see the vid.

There shouldnt be any need to butchur your seat, holding it with your index finget just behind the seatpost should be very comftable and secure. certaintly is for me. There shouldnt be much of a force trying to rip the seat out your hand, I hold my seat pretty loosly.


lol are you actually gonna post on here/read posts ? or are you just gonna post “oo”.

bout 90 cm

i posted this a long time ago so…

hold it with ur hands faggot.

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I was actually wondering myself whether people hold their saddle at the side or at the front/on the handle when jumping SI.

just for the record…im not gay (:

I used to hold my seat near the middle of the seat(and still find that more comfortable) with my index and middle finger in front of the seatpost and my ring and pinky finger behind the seatpost with my thumb on the top of the seat but now I’m trying to learn to hold near the back of the seat with my index finger behind the seatpost and thumb on top. I’ll post some pictures soon-ish. That’s for SIF anyway, with SI I like to grab the right hand corner part of the handle.

im doing just the same thing i also used to held my fingers around the seatpost but now im trying to hold it with my index finger just touching the seatpost

pictures would be cool