how to grind and foot plant?

Ok i know this has been asked millions of times but how do u grind.
The the next qeustion is how do u foot plant casue whenever i put me foot on the thing im foot planting onto i fall off of the unicycle.

Its really as simple as it sounds.

For grinding, you simply ride fast up to the object your going to grind on, jump and pedal grab on it, and slide across it on either your pedal only or on your pedal and crank.

Footplants, um, practice standing on the object, and jumping down onto the uni first. Instead of riding up and jumping off.

One tip that Gerble gave me on our last urban assault:

When jumping into a grind, you only need to jump high enough to get your pedal onto the rail / ledge. If you jump any higher you’ll be landing with a different trajectory (down) than that which you will be grinding (usually, forward). If you don’t biff the rough landing, you’ll definitely lose some momentum going into the grind.

As for footplants, the same advice applies. The way I figured out to footplant was by attempting to rolling hop onto the surface where you want to plant, missing the hop and landing on my foot instead. Aim to rolling hop slightly lower and slightly in front of the “landing zone” and your foot will be in just the right place to plant.

Forrest’s advice is good, too. The landing is 1/2 of the trick, and it can be difficult learning the plant and the landing all at once.

I hope that makes sense… use the “search” link at the top of the forum to find other tips on grinding and footplants.