How to get 29" Duro Crux Tire on KH 55-mm Wide Rim?

I have a KH29" with the 3.25" wide Duro Crux tire and a KH 55-mm wide rim. The tire/rim are designed to go tubeless, so the tire is super hard to get on the rim. The last time I put the tire on the rim, I had to call Josh at UDC for tips. The problem is that he helped me a few years ago and I can’t remember the critical tip that allowed me to accomplish this seemingly impossible task…

Does anyone have any tips? I’m not able to get the tire on the rim.

Thanks in advance!

When you get stuck, you can get a little bit more slack by going around the sections you’ve already done and squeezing the bead together into the well in the center of the rim.

This wise old man has a good explanation:


Thanks, aarons! That’s a great video. I hope I look/sound that cool in a few years.

I do remember that I need to get the 1st bead in the center/well of the rim. That does help! However, there is another trick required. When I did this a few years ago, it was so difficult to get the 2nd bead on that I almost broke the tire levers trying to get the tire on. Also, in the video when the guy gets the 2nd bead close to being on, the remaining portion of the 2nd bead is just a centimeter or two away from the crest of the rim. With this Duro Crux, when it gets really hard and you need the tire levers, the 2nd bead is still a few centimeters away from the crest of the rim. It looks impossible.

Maybe I just need to use the suggestion in the video about the 1st tire bead in the well of the rim, plus simple brute force to stretch the 2nd bead.

This video is similar to aaron’s, but adds a few more tips. I’ll try this tonight:

I’ve put that tyre on the 29" 55mm rims about 5 times. It’s not fun but it can done without a lot of muscle. Just like the video above that last 10 to 20 cm is the problem. I find I must stop one side coming out as I work the other side in. Use your foot on the tyre, or a wall like the video. Then bit by bit, 1 cm at a time, use the lever to flip a small amount of tyre over the rim. For me 2 secrets. 1, stop one side coming out, 2, many small movements of the tyre lever.

Thanks very much, Bruce! I really appreciate the advice.

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