How to get 150mm Profile cranks?

I’d like to get a Profile crankset with 150mm cranks. I know that Profile apparently make this length of crank (its been mentioned several times on the ‘splined vs square taper’ thread) but how do you buy them? 150mm crank length is not an option from the US site:

So do you have to approach Profile Racing and ask them to make em special for you? Has anyone actually got 150mm Profiles? If so how did you get them?


When I asked for 150mm Profile cranks, they told me they didn’t have them but the 145’s were pretty close. So I ordered those. I’m not sure the difference in crank length is really going to make much of a difference in riding. I guess everyone talks about 150s since they’re a pretty common crank length.

get the 145’s,mine are measured about 148mm anyway.

It’s only a 5mm or 0.197in difference BUT if one wants to enter races that have a 150mm minimum crank length the 145mm cranks not be allowed.

contact , Darren Bedford he ordered me some 160’s, I bet he can help you out

As far as I know there is not a 150mm crank available from Profile. It’s been a while since I’ve been involved with them, but in the past I’ve dealt with them extensively and it was either 145 or 160mm.