How to Free Mount?

when you are learning to free mount (get up on the uni w/o holding on to anything) is it easier to hold the seat up in front of you and jump on it or to put the seat between your legs and jump up?

Put the seat between your legs first is the normal procedure. Try searching this on Youtube, I think there are some videos there. I put one pedal at the 6:00 position, one at top, step on, and start riding, but that is apparently not the “right” way to do it.

I’ve heard of a “suicide mount” or some similar term, and I assume that’s the jump-on-it method. You can also jump on it with the seat held out in front of you, which avoids damage to your anatomy. Not that I can do either.

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This could help you somewhat in your quest of freemounting a unicycle and i hope this helps you somewhat.

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Hi ive been riding now for just over a year. I have acheived my level 2 and working on my level 3. If your familiar with your levels you will know that for level 2 you have to left foot free mount and right foot free mount. Im right footed and i freemounted by doing kickback. That was until i learnt the step on mount which i found a lot easier, right and left footed. I learnt both in a couple of hours. I know everyone is different but maybe you should try it.