How to convince my brother to keep unicycling?

Ok, so my brother has been wanting to sell his unicycle because no matter how much he practices, he just “doesn’t get better”. He keeps saying that it’s stupid because he can never land any tricks. What can I tell him to keep him unicycling?

Tell him to stop doing tricks and go ride trails, tricks are for kids.

Seriously, doing tricks is really frustrating and unless you are obsessive/compulsive, it will get old and other things will be more interesting.

Trail riding, try it.

Wait, you’re in Logan? Man, my buddies live there, I get up that way a couple times each year. I’ll give you a hollar next time I’m in Utah, maybe we can go ride. If you get down to SLC, there’s a few riders down there, UPD in Utah (Bert), Bryan, and Tom.

Yeah, him and I have been planning on riding some trails up in Logan Canyon. Hey, that would be totally cool. Nice to meet other people who’ve been up to Cache Valley. :smiley:

Ski the Beav!