How to build a unicycle from recycled bikes?


We live in Barcelona, and there is a fantastic place where you can build, fix or create your own bike from scrapped bikes. Since we saw the opportunity and we are looking for a Unicycle, we were wondering if anybody know out there about instructions on how to DIY Unicycling?


It would be really hard to build your own unicycle from recycled bikes. I have thought about this long and hard. It is possible, just very difficult.
The frame would be easy to build. Just take a set of forks and adapt the bottoms to hold bearings. You can do this by using the bottom bracket and welding half on each fork leg. So that’s pretty much it for the frame.
The cranks are a little tricky because you need to get quite short ones, so maybe from a childs bike. Around 125-135mm would be fine. Then you need to find a right sided one without any cogs(you may have to removes the cogs from a normal one for this).
The hub is the hardest part. A unicycle hub has a built in axle, so it is able to give drive to the wheel without any movement. I have though about trying to put an axle into a hub then bolting it in somehow, but still unsure of how I would do this.

That’s pretty much all there is to a unicycle apart from the obvious bits like putting a seat and some pedals on it.

All of this is just a few ideas that I have had and none of it is to be taken as professional ideas. The unicycle you build would be completely your own responsibilty.

Hope this helps.

If you could get a tricycle it would be so much easier.

Hawo leonrebolledo, I welcome you to the forums with open arms and mighty big hugs.

If you require assistance/help. Don’t hesitate/feel free to ask me as i will always be here to help you with your unicycling problems to the best of my knowledge. By the way you can call me Harry if you want. But again, welcome to the forums.

So have fun, enjoy, relax and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

Your new friend. :smiley:

P.S You could make one of these out of the scrapped bikes. :smiley: