How to break an escalator ?

That’s one way.

And then? run away? own up? I’m intrigued. HaHa funny stuff

Poor escalator :).

Reinforced escalators are needed.

If youre riding a/for Koxx, then of course you run away. =p

+1. I’d like to know.

thats somthing else to add to the list of 100 things to do before you die

holy shit :astonished: :astonished:
Did anyone saw this?

yeah… what did you do?

pretty cool to watch, but i agree, not very cool for real.
and if they DID run away, it’s not very smart to put it in youtube… :roll_eyes:

He provided his own incriminating evidence.
It was pretty unexpected I’m sure but It cost someone loads of money.

It was prety funny, but what were you thinking about when jumping on glass?
It was prety clear there was a good chance the glass would brake.
Specialy with the sideways force on glass…
Hope they don’t found out it was you

In the french forum he wrote something like that the videos is two years old. I think usualy (in germany) your insurance would pay it.

That looked good. I wouldn’t have thought glass were a good idea for an external escalator, kids are gonna ride down it on bikes, never mind unicyclists hopping about on them.

Haha, that was funny :’). Your face was like … damn … :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha wow!

I confess I have fantasized in the past about using escalators as obstacles of sorts. Now I see why that’s not a good idea.

This video was extremely educational, and will probably prevent further misuse of escalators :stuck_out_tongue:

well is it a city escalator? or in a mall or something?

if the city has to pay for it then maybe it comes out of the tax payers pockets. None the less, still freakin cool!

glad i saw this vid before i did that myself :smiley:


I’ve always wanted to pedal grab an escalator with grippy pedals then wait for it to take you down. Like an extremely slow-mo grind.