How the hell do u hop so high?

How the hell do u hop so high? i cant figure it out. help me out here.

Attach explosives under your wheel. Or you can be like KH and all the other movie stars and use wires and magic lobsters.

I second what DK said.

KH doesnt use wires. and a good way to hop higher is to learn seat in front hopping whaich is where you pull the seat out so when you jump you can tuck it right up under you…until you learn that you can just put your seat a bit lower so you can bend your legs a bit when you jump

I´m no movie star, but im kinda rich so i don´t need to starr in movies like Defect to afford my magical lobsters.

I also have a spring in my seatpost. Makes me jump twice as high seat in.

What do you use in your tire?
I found that inflating with a less dense gas, such as helium, makes the tire significantly more springy, and will add about 6 to 8 inches to your hops.

I found that not being serious helps. But not really. So ignore this.

And, practice. Practice practice practice.

Okay, serious help:
Lower tire pressure=more spring.
bigger tire=lower pressure=more spring.
Lower seat means you can go lower to start your hop.

Learning to pre-hop (doing a little hop first) helps immensley.

A lighter frame and wheel can help a little, but it’s 90% technique and tire pressure. Your hops will increase with practice.

On my KH mountain uni, I can get about 12 inch hops with right foot forward, and about 4 or 5 with left foot forward. You get good at what you practice. With the nicest, lightest uni in the world, I still wouldn’t get much better than that with my left foot forward, because I don’t practice it.
So, practice.

tuck you uni alot under you same with your wheel amke ur wheel touch ur but… thats how they do it… I can get 5 pallets seat out like that… and for seat in i can do 5 as well just kick ur uni foawrd alot…

Bigger tire=wider

dont worry about hopping. learn something cool like a wheel walk or a glide- thatll impress people a lot more. plus its jsut cooler.

where do you get helium to fill ur tires?

I would venture to say that none of that is true. Which shoots higher, a rocket with 200psi blasting it off, or a rocket with 22 psi blasting it off? YOu should ride the absolute highest pressure you are comfortable with. Also, there’s no reason to waste the energy of your hop bottoming out your rim. If lower pressure equalled higher hops or more spring, then nobody would bother inflating their tires.

A lower seat for SIF hops means your torso starts lower and you have to lift your body farther for a given hop, which loses you height. Notice how Zack Baldwin rides his seat wicked high. Watch a video of a hop where the rider fully tucks. You’ll notice the torso, for, say a 32" hop, only moves about 18". If you think you need to get lower for the initial hop, then you aren’t hopping correctly. It’s not at all a tuck and jump, it’s actually just a quick kik at the ground before a big tuck. If big initial compression of the legs were needed to get big hops, Ryan Atkins would practically be sitting on the tire to start every hop.

I’m glad we’ve verified that hopping is unimpressive. Everyone is impressed when I can ride with my feet on the tire, while only hardcore unicyclists seem to noitice when I’ve suddenly jumped onto a picnic table. Wait, maybe it’s the other way around.

Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry if that was unclear.

Gerble, those were all things that helped me, and made me notice definate improvements. Everybody’s different, I guess, and your mileage may vary.

Have you seen universe 2 or defect? All the top riders almost always bottom out on their hops. I think that you actually do get more jumping height with low pressure. Which bounces higher, a spring, or a rock?

Oh noes now Gerble is going to launch into his physics attack mode

How does he attach the magic lobsters then?

He uses the Doppelganger 3000, dumbass

As I have informed the others in my uni-crew, my higher hopping is a result of my ability to fly. I just limit the use of said ability so it’s not obvious to the general public.

Why yes, I have. Not only that, i’ve ridden with many of those riders. I’ve tried their unis. You’d be amazed how high their tire pressure is. Also, they don’t bottom out, they come close. The idea is to get the tire pressure super high and learn to time it such that you almost hit your rim, but don’t. That give you maximum spring, however you can do this by riding a super high pressure and timing the kick to be faster.

I’m also speaking mooe from experience riding than watching TV. Similar to what Skippi said, I am saying what works for me, and if riding crazy low pressures helped me, I would. However low pressure doesn’t help me hop high and they hurt a whole lot when the surface is anything but a large, flat plane. When forced to choose between better perfomance in all other areas of trials or getting an extra 1/2" of hop height, I’ll take the former.