How short shuld the seat post be

im heading over to my frends within the next hour to get my seatpost cut. But im wondering short shuld it be. Ive seen lots of differnt ones in pictures and stuff but i dont know for me.

Im still trying to learn how to ride it but once i do learn how i will be jumping and stuff like that.

well, cut some off, try it, cut some more off. you can only take and not add.

in other words, take 2" off the first time if you can’t even get on it when its all the way down, but from then go for 1" at a time until you are comfortable on it, then leave it as long as possible.

It all depends on your unicylce and your height. The seatpost on a 20" unicycle is going to be longer than on a 26" for the same rider.

The seat post for a short rider is going to be shorter than that for a tall rider on the same unicycle.

Just take a little off at a time and see what feels right.


thanks guys i alredy did it though. Im eating lunch now but im still trying to learn how to ride. SO far the best ive done is about 5ft without falling.

I thought you said in your other thread that you could already ride 500 meters…?


nope that wasnt me i think your confusing me with someone else

Oh sorry, I was thinking of this guy. Got the brendons mixed up. :stuck_out_tongue:

its fine when i saw you whright i figured thats wat u were doing :slight_smile:

I have about an inch or less of the seat post showing, I like it low.

Style depends si trials riders have it low sif riders have it medium. Flat land highish freestlyle is hi and street is at a medum height normally. For learning you want it kind of hi not low like mine with 2-3inchesd showing on my 20in and I am 6ft tall.

well 13ft so far is the furthest ive gone ive been out there for about 3-4 hours. Its not raining out but its sprinkling on and off and it rained all night so its all wet out. Im hoping it drys up and doesnt rain tomorow. I think i will do better when its dry. I might go out and ride again a little later.

we all started somewhere, so just keep at it…

i like mine where my legs are just slightly bent at the farthest pedal point. if you ever start trials, make sure you can slide the seat out from under you easily for SIF and other stuff.

as far as learning…keep up the pratice and dont get discouraged, you’ll get there.

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