How proud can a dad be?

I’m just bustin with pride.

This is me and my 8 yr old daughter Monya. BTW, she has all the protective gear, but doesn’t want to wear it. The helmet is non-negotiable, though.

And one more of Monya…

just warn her that she might learn the hard way about wearing protective gear…
hopefully not too hard (to the point that she won’t want to uni)

Get her some 661’s 4x4 before she gets a nasty pedal bite doing that dangerous trials riding :wink:

Congratulations !!

i wore all sortsa pads and stuff when doing trails and muni, and still do
but i got my nastiest (8-stich) pedal bite just riding around in front of my friend’s house (i got it when i fell off doing a still stand…)


How cool is that? Way to go, Monya. What a treat for both of you. I hope you stick with it and do lots of rides together.

Re: How proud can a dad be?

Terrific. Way to go both of you. Lets just hope that the helmet police don’t catch wind of that.

I didn’t know bob burnquist uni’d. :slight_smile:

Anyway man that’s way cool that she’s learnin’ young. Glad you’re teachin her the ways.

lmao bob burnquist ? men u smoke some good good grass

…? Were you on flat ground? Or up on something? Never ever have I fallen doing a still stand. There comes a point where you feel you can’t bring your balance back. If you don’t notice that point, you’ll at least know you’re falling and step off. I can’t imagine how to had to have stitches from that.


I didn’t know who that was till I googled him. I suppose I do look a bit like him.

Oh I warn her, but as a parent I’ve learned to pick my battles. A skinned knee will convince her better than I can to wear pads.

opps … n/m …

congrats …

Make her … wear wrist guards at least
(cuz, kids pushed me off my uni at the playground before)

How old was she when she started?

She started trying when she was 7, but only a few minutes/week, but after her 8th bday (in May) she started try a bit more, and got it pretty soon after that.

It sure is fun to see them get their first unsupported riding started! My 7-year-old (will be 8 this month) is still enthusiastic about it, and my 6-year-old is just as hooked. Tonight we get back to our unicycle club (The Wonders) for the first time in many weeks due to summer vacation. We’re all excited. Helmets are the only equipment that they’re wearing while riding so far, but they’re also getting interested in Muni, so I think I’ll be getting wrist and shin guards with bigger unis for them this Christmas. (my wife doesn’t know the purchase plans yet).


Mazel Tov, Steve. Monya looks great up on her uni.