How much should i ask for my Nimbus trials

I have the nimbus trials (slightly different from this one, last years model i believe) and have just upgraded. I have found a local buyer who is interested in it and was wondering what you think it is worth and who much you would pay for it. i have no pics at the moment but it is in pretty good condition apart from the severly bent cranks (which i have told him new ones are available etc).

It has seen quite alot but in the last three or so months has been only subject to light riding due to the fact i did not want to break it, because it was all i had. iPurchased it in March last year, the seat has been altered and cut down a bit for SIF but that is about it.

Thanks for your help,


(i am thinking about $150? i am not fussy though, just happy to get someone else into unicycling)

Genreally for something in good condition half original price is reasonable, you might have to knock off a little for the wrecked cranks, or buy and fit new ones (this makes it more likely to sell, regardless of price people are less keen to buy stuff that needs to be messed around with before it’s good to go)

is it the cranks or the hub? cause if its the hub it won’t matter if he buys new cranks, it will still be bent.

thanks for the feedback. yeah i am not sure i think the hub may be twisted a little, nothing major. I have told him that is probably wont last long and he is better to buy a new one, but he really really wants it and doesn’t seem to notice.

Well if you’ve adequately warned him then fair’s fair…

How old is he?

hmm not sure, he is not too old, i’d say 13 or so. why do you ask?

and kington that is true, yet i am hoping to have him to ride with so i dont want his gear to break anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if he is young then he might be too stupid/inexpereinced to understand that bent cranks mean bad ride and a considerable amount of fuss for someone who is not seasoned in unicycle maintenance.

Maybe he just wants a uni so bad that he completely ignores all the warnings that you give him and when he breaks the cranks he’ll be very much upset.

I don’t know, actually.

well i have showed him the cranks and he has ridden it before. i told him where to get new cranks and said i could arrange it. yet it is his mother that is edging on the purchase. she really really wants it :s

i think because it is nice and cheap

Hmm, just looked up $150 AU. That’s a cheap price. Plus, you’ll get a riding buddy, so maybe you should be paying him.

hmm, true. yet he is about a 40 minute drive away, which is pricey on the petrol. Also he is only a little boy :s yet enthusiastic to boot!

Hmm, you’re 18, be careful (Shifty eyes)

takes note of shifty eyes, decides that under the curcumstances, being careful is a great idea