how many stairs can u jump and how long did it take to learn to do them?

hey i want to now how long it takes most people to get to where they are i have been uniycling for 1 year and can jump 2 stairs

I have been riding just over a year, my biggest set was 6. I need to get a splined hub before I go any bigger though!

Rock on!

i don’t know how long I have been unicycling(before i clear a set) but i cleared a five set second try

I’ve done an 8 setter. It took about 4 months?

it depends on the size of the step. i can jump up onto a 9-10" one and jump down about two or three of those.

5 stairs . 8 months

ive been able to jump a 5 stair for a long time, probably about a year. i havent really tried to go any bigger


biggest set = a tall 7. I could go bigger but I’d break stuff. Time = about 2 years. However, I jumped a 6 after only like a year.


the max size for a public use stair (in the US) is 10" wide by 8" high

now that thats said … i can hop up a 3 stair
and down an 8, I have never landed on the cement in front of the 8 set because there is a 4 stair a few feet in front of that, and it is set on a hill so I just launched off the top and landed on the hill (i cleared the 8 set by about 2’)

i rode for 2 1/2 years before that and didn’t do anything great
the 8 set was after 3 months of riding hard
same for the 3 set … did them both on the same day

I’ve been riding since october, the biggest I’ve cleared rolling hopping was a 5 set. I could easilyu clear a 6 and probably do a 7, but I haven’t found any seats bigger than 5 in a while.

Riding since August of last year but ive only had proper equiptment for doing set for about 5 months(splined setup) and i can do a 3-4set ussually.

5 set on a cotterless
It took me a year since i first started uni

currently in my 3rd month on cotterless…probably only 2-3 set

(i assume we’re talking 1 step at a time?)
i’ve climbed 10 steps
and down them.
i could do more but i havent found a staircase long enough outside.
if you mean in one jump,
i’ve jumped off 2 but can only climb 1 at a time.
it took me about 3 weeks of trying, but id been riding for 4 mos

lol no, not one step @ a time :slight_smile:
in one jump

Are we talking up, or down? I can hop up about 4, hop down… Biggest is an 8 set I think. But talking in ‘sets’ is kind of confusing anyway, because they’re all different. A long low 5 set can be just as difficult as a short high 8 set…

10 took me about 5 trys… been riding for 3 years

4 months,down 5 stair first try, 6 stair second try, up 3 rolling and up 2 trials style

uniing since december and the most i can do is five but that was only once i can only jump 4 consistantly

The biggest I have done so far, is side hoping an 8set, it was raining really hard, and my hair was all soaked in in my face, but it was the last area we rode at (me, mike, phil, and noah) before leaving, so I had to do it, and landed it perfectly. =p

theres a 10 set I can rolling hop over, I wanna be able to side hop it, but will probaly hit the last step, ill try it tomorrow.

Going up, I can jump up 2 very easily, 3 on a side hop, and gotten 4 rolling, but then again the stairs I am jumping up are pretty steep, theres some smaller ones, but wider, nearby I can brobably get 5 with a rolling.

Ohh, ive been riding for 3 years, first year I just rode, 2nd year my uni was broke and i had to use my friends pretty rarely, 3rd year i got mine fixed, rode along, found out about street and trials and freestyle, and have been seriously riding for about 6ish months.