How many of yous have tried riding with an umbrella

Yesterday, while servicing my unicycle, I had the following idea: an inverted bicycle repair stand attached to a unicycle would make a good base for an all-weather protection against rain and sunshine.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Maybe if you mount from the front

what if you UPD, you get the thing against your head. You must wear a good helmet :slight_smile:

I rode one day with an umbrella. I was a fairly new rider at the time. It was doable, but hard. I could feel the air pushing against the umbrella, it was a real fight the whole time.

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I’d say it’d be easier to do it on a unicycle then a bike which I’ve done before but never done it on a uni though. Should be a cinch on any small wheels and the natural upright riding posture would be helpful.

I think you should try it! :grin:

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Try it again some time. As you say, you are more experienced now and in addition, maybe it was just a lot of wind that day. I have used umbrellas a few times now when unicycling and it can work nicely actually. That said, it certainly increases the attention you will receive, which may not be a good thing (depending on perspective).

It has ancillary benefits…

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Oh man, that looks like a “fun” way to UPD into the back wheel of a bike! :rofl:

he should have put his feet on the frame of the uni. Now he has to pedal like crazy.
Besides, why is his right hand in a fist. Does he intend to knock out the bicyclists. Also the wheels of the bike are spinning, but the unicycle is standing still. In my DreamsTime this never happens :slight_smile:

I rode with a painting tucked under my arm into my arm pit on Monday. Wasn’t the most massive painting, but the painting posed no issues.


Did the person in the painting have a face plant?
Carrying not too heavy objects is quite doable on a uni. I expect an umbrella will catch quite some wind though.

I sometimes use my 24 or 26 for picking up grocery shopping, from a place not far away. One of these two unicycles is usually inside the apartment. I have realised that it is quicker and faster than walking or using the bike (by the time I fetch and unlock that from the garage). Also it is not that bad carrying one or even occasionally two shopping bags like this (so long as they are not heavy), which is great for those times I forget a rucksack (and that seems to happen frequently).

The other nice thing is the the store does not seem to care that I wheel the uni (but would no doubt object to a bike), so I also save a little time on the lockup and unlock compared to using the bike.

In summary, unicycles are practical. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! :wink:

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Be careful, the painting is signed by “Gockie” :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry this is getting a little off topic but as a side note related to carrying groceries and stuff on a unicycle. I used to think that QU-AX was named after “quaxing” (arguably made easier on a unicycle due to having your hands free)."Quaxing"

But then I realised that of course QU-AX predates this, so it is just a happy coincidence.


Picasso Style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slight_smile:

And I think the dog was named after this german Movie.,_der_Bruchpilot

But @qu-ax has to confirm it.

Funny thing is the title means: Quax the pilot with rough landings

Oh, I didn`t know that Picasso portrayed face planted unicyclists. :rofl:


Haha, good one!

She may have some facial injuries lol