How many of yous have tried riding with an umbrella

I know one of yous have an avatar of being on uni with an brolly, but I was just wondering how many peeps actually tried riding with an umbrella. As long as you ride on asphalt, you will have at least one hand free when you don’t use a T-Bar.

I just rode to work by uni and now it is raining :frowning: and I was wondering how hard it would be to ride with an umbrella. It will also depend on how much wind there is of course and it would need to be big enough to actually keep me dry. On a normal bike you hang too much to the front over the steer to use a brolly, but I think on a uni where you sit up straight, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I wish I had one with me, so I could try on the way home. :smiley: Now I hope it will be dry again by then.

On a group choreography several girls of our club used umbrellas. No problem from the general handling. Of course the purpose was different and they where not used to protect against rain (our gym´s roof in fine :D). Also: flat surface, freestyle unis, no wind.

In Japan I noticed a small object that enables (bike) riders to fix a (standard) umbrella to the front bar.
May be it could be used with a unicycle bar.
(wondering if the Versa-Brella 360-Degree Clip Umbrella coud do the trick … though it is not meant for rain)

It’s not hard at all.

Me, 1997.

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Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s my first unicycle: a Pashley UMX 20" with a butted mild steel frame, lollipop bearings held loosely in place with self tapping screws, and a wheel with a heavy steel rim which was painted rather than chromed, and with steel cranks held on with cotter pins. You don’t even want to know about the seat, which was an instrument of torture.

Me, 1995.

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This chap rides with a brolly…

Never tried it myself, but I might now.


The question might have already been answered, but I’ve ridden with a brolly and it worked fine - seemed like the best solution when it was raining a bit and I was just trying to stay dry getting from one place to another.

Yous? Are you originally from Brooklyn or something? :slight_smile:

Anyway, riding with an umbrella is a piece of cake.

Riding with an umbrella in wind is a challenge, which increases with wind speed. For functionality, I’d recommend dressing for the weather rather than the umbrella, though it can work pretty well (for rain protection) if there’s little or no wind, and if you aren’t riding fast. If you are, you’l get wet from underneath. :astonished:

the option of adjusting clothes comes after adjusting the embrella:
with the senz° you can push the limit a bit.

riding with an umbrella

My riding buddy brought two larger umbrellas on the chance it might rain. It did. I appreciated being somewhat drier and warmer from the waist up. Had it been really windy, it might not have been as simply done. I’ll have to find a photo of the ride and post it sometime…

I agree. I often ride with an umbrella, I don’t let the rain lock myself at home.
Besides the wind that can sometimes be quite random and hard to manage, you need to extend your arm (the one with the umbrella) forward.

Because you’re usually faster on a unicycle than on feet, it will protect better from the rain this way.

Speaking of rain, I’m surprised you folks feel comfy riding a uni with an umbrella in the rain. I’m a big guy, and can remember winds that turn umbrellas inside out or just tug violently and throw me off my step.

But I guess when you’re experienced, riding a uni doesn’t seem as crazy a balance problem as it does to a newbie like me who can’t ride one yet.

The more you ride the more unbalanced motions you can absorb and continue your ride. Haven’t ridden with an umbrella yet. Every time I want to ride it seems to just be dry.

High potential for rain today here in Oslo, so I took an umbrella with me as I left for the morning commute in today. Didn’t rain for me though (despite getting quite dark), so I just carried it.

Maybe on the way back. Though if the weather is anything like Friday, I might not be able to use it. Lot’s of rain and wind on my way home. They even wrote about it in the news:

I had no umbrella or suitable rain clothes and was completely soaked through after being out there for half an hour. Only one UPD (because of wind), so I am quite pleased about that.

Interesting thing I noticed though is that I got a lot more attention from passing cars. I wasn’t actually on the road itself but next to it at points. Several people wound down their windows to cheer me on and give me the thumbs up. Probably the most attention I have ever received when commuting. It was all well meant but kinda distracting, when I was already distracted. :wink:

Når et træ vælter på dig, hjælper en paraply ikke så meget.

Do you ride to work every day? I rode today, because this is the only day this week they expect it to be dry. When I started riding to work 2 years ago, I got complaints from especially old peeps that my flailing left arm was in the way and they couldn’t pass. Now I mostly ride with both hands on the seat or my right hand afloat. There are always some peeps who take notice and cheer me on. Somehow they think riding uphill must be very difficult and they show that when I ride up a long bridge, but nobody says anything when I go downhill, which is always more tricky

Well indeed.

Google translate or you are learning for some reason?

At the moment, yeah pretty much. We shall see how long I keep that up.

No complaints so far but the 3 routes I tend to take (I like to mix it up) are all pretty quiet.

I actually like going uphill (as long as it is not too steep). I feel that with the added pressure I run smoother, similar to when you move to shorter cranks. I am also riding a 26" for the commute at the moment and up hills are the only time when I have a chance against bikes, since you are both running in low gear. I sometimes even overtake bikes on long uphill stretches. I did yesterday in fact and the guy took it pretty well and just gave a little chuckle as I went past, which was nice.

I speak Danish in my job. Lived in DK for 8 years and moved back to NL in 2016. I still work for the same company, just from the Dutch office. Before I spoke Danish I learned Norwegian just for fun.

I’ve been wondering why bike peeps are so slow uphill, even if they have the gears. Bikes are prolly too heavy and we’re stuck with our one gear. It doesn’t feel as heavy going uphill on uni though. Just try to keep the same speed.

I try to ride uni to work once a week and prefer to ride when it is cold, so I don’t sweat too much, since they don’t have showers here. the other days I’m also just lazy and take the car :slight_smile: