how many different kh's are there?

A member of my unicycle club just got a new nimbus 20" trials it has a newer kh saddle on it, i have the 2nd generation kh saddle as far as i know,but the new one has a different almost leather like cover and seems much stiffer i am not sure if that’s because it’s new or what?but how many different kh’s are there?

For so far i know there are 5 KH unicycles.

KH 20" Freestyle ( availeble in the UK )
KH 20" Trial ( UK and USA ) in 2 colors ( orange and black )
KH 24" Muni ( UK and USA )
KH 20" Trial Pro series ( USA )
KH 24" Muni Pro series ( USA )

And there are 3 models of seats.

Ferko Adamczyk

I think there are 7 KH unicycles.

KH 20"
KH 19" pro w/ brake
KH 19" pro w/o brake
KH 24" pro
KH 19" norco (non-splined)
KH 19" standard
KH 24" standard, breaks optional

There are 4 serieses of KH saddles, but the nimbus one isn’t actually a KH. Onza, Torker, and now Nimbus have ripped off the design, but all of them are supposedly inferior to the real thing.

note: the Torker “KH” saddles have a Velo logo on the bottom.

Don’t forget the KH armor/legwarmers

Also, there are KH seat rails and seat posts


Forgot to mention the 36" uni.

basicly it seems that every time a new batch of something is made in tiawan, kris has a look at it and tells them how to improve it then next time.

so there is a constantly improving set of parts, like the cranks which don’t have ankle biters in new versions, the seats which seem to get better in subtle ways all the time, and the frames, which cant quite decide what size their bearing holders should be.

that seems to be the best way to run a product line.
i think kris is doing a great job, especialy considering the horror stories i’ve heard about people trying to get stuff made in taiwan.