How long will it take me to grow out of a DX?

Hi, today is exactly my third week of unicycling, and so far i’ve had a blast, but the problem is I think i’ve already grown out of my Sun unicycle, and i’m looking to replace it, with a 20" Torker DX, because I’d like to get into some Urban Trials. The only problem is a friend of mine warned me that I would grow out of a Torker DX to fast, i’m really not to worried, but he insists, and states I should just get a KH, which is pretty damn spendy, even though I have no plans on stoping unicycling any time soon. I praise this sport, i’ve finnaly found a sport that screams me, (I’ve been looking for one for some time) Anyways, here is some pictures of me riding, on my 24" Sun, at a nearby park the larger pictures were taken today, the other ones from about a week or so ago.

I’d really like opinions, keep in mind although I feel extremely confident ridding, I still havn’t taught myself to idle, which I plan on dooing on my sun, and also I plan on learning to ride seat out, which I already kinda got before I get a new uni.

I’d really just like to buy a uni that will last me about a year, and then I plan on custom making a really cool one, and getting all the parts powdercoated, just for me. So I pretty much want to know if a torker DX would last me that long.

it depends on a)how fast you learn/how big you’ll go and b)how rough you are with it. I know that i would’ve been fine on a DX for my first year. but i mostly did road riding with some light offroad on a 24 inch. if you wanna do urban trials and you learn quickly, i’d say go for a higher quality uni. the qu-ax trials is $330-sh, splined, but reported not quite as tough as the KH, close though. That’d be my best bet if you really wanna start doing big drops and such.

the DX is splined,for $150 you cant beat it.(i say that a lot)
Its held up for me for 4 foot drops and repeated smaller ones and lots of sloppy hopping and jumping.besides the tire and maybe the pedals id say you wont growout of it anytime soo.

The Torker DX will fit you nicely for what you are looking for. I say go for the DX right now.

Get it off e-bay if your not already.the tire will be perfect for what your doing,dirt and paved trails at the same time.

I have the DX 20. I replaced the pedals with Weyless B-27 BMX pedals and the tire with a Maxxis Max Daddy 20x 2.25 Knobby. IHMO the pedals and the tire were the only weak links to a fine machine.

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that “friend” is a guy named Evan

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Well, evan… I am afraid you might have an uneducated opinion on this one, as money is not an issue for you when it comes to getting something you want(IE: your parents buy you whatever you want).

You should get a DX, it’s splined, solid and looks like a pretty darn good uni that should last you quite a while. You probably wont need a KH/profile setup for quite some time.

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heheheheheh, isnt it funny how bad he is at insulting?

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  1. It wasn’t meant to be an insult
  2. Shutup
  3. All of what I said was true
  4. Let’s not start a flamewar

Let me repeat:
You should get a DX, it’s splined, solid and looks like a pretty darn good uni that should last you quite a while. You probably wont need a KH/profile setup for quite some time.

Im also considering getting a DX. The only concern I have is whether or not to get the 20 or 24 inch wheel. Im planning on using it for commutes of 2 to 3 miles at a time, but I also want to learn some tricks, and solidify my basic skills. Suggestions?

get the 24…i base that on your 2 or 3 mile ride and there are pleanty of tricks to learn on a 24…seat out,one footing, wheel walking, riding up a curb etc.

a 20 for 2 miles would be to much like a hamster in a wheel.

Also, should I get an extra wheel/tire/axle for doing light to medium muni runs?

not right away, the newer DX’s have more hight clearance so you could just get a wider tyre somtime, like a Arrow wide bite 3.0. mine fits the torker DX rim fine.

DON’T Quote me becuse i’ve only been riding for 3 weeks, but I have a 24" inch, and the idea of dooing anything over a few miles on a 20" wheel seems rediculous, when I peddal slowly on my 24" it feels like a slow jogging pace, on a 20" pedaling at the same speed would probably be more like a walk, (Although I’ve never ridden a 20") I’m ganna get a 20" because I prefer the more technical stuff, and I don’t really do any distance whats so ever. But I once heard someone on the forums say that on his 24" why he was wheel walking his knees were next to his face because of the higher point of gravity, so technical stuff like wheel walking acording to him (Not my experience) Would be a bit harder or you would have to kneel more because of the height, which makes perfectly good sence higher your center point of gravity is the harder it is to balance. But yeah, I feel like I can hop around on my 24" fine, I don’t think a 20 would make to much of a diffrence, of cource I got hopping right away since I used to pogo, on pogo sticks, shovels, everything I could get my hands on I used to pogo on it, I broke alot of stuff ^^

anyhow I’d just like to thank everyone, I think i’m ganna order my DX toomarow, the right bearing in my Sun 24" is starting to click I guess I shouldn’t of jumped stairs on it.

I’d just like to add this for the guy that wanted the Torker DX

I belive this is the cheapest place online for one.

And the price you see is what you pay shipping is free, they also got a 20" for ten bucks cheaper.

ok. Ill have to see how much the shipping is on E-bay before I decide.

Im not 100% sure how far im going to commute on the uni, which is why Im having trouble deciding… Since they are relatively expensive, maybe Ill order a 24 now, then get a 20 if i get more into tricking…

Is it possible to inter-change a 20 and 24 inch wheel on the same frame??

Well I just ordered mine, I’ll make sure to let you know how I like it.

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anyone know if that store is selling the 2005 model or the 2004 model?
They don’t seem to say on their website.

If it’s the 2005 I think I’ll put in an order tomorrow for the 24"


I’m gonna play the spoiler on this one. I think you should save up for the KH. Chances are (99%) that you will start doing trials. If you do it on a DX you will get tired of it and want something with a wide tire. Then you will buy a KH. You’ll never use the torker. Wasted $150. Spend more now to save later.

You do have other options though. You could buy the DX now and upgrade the wheel later or buy a nimbus now and upgrade the hub later.