How long did it take you to learn to ride?

Not talking about mastering, just being able to ride for a short distance.

Search Function

Wow… I know there will be a bunch of people who jump all over me for mentioning the search function on this site, but if you used it, you would find that there are no less than 4 posts specifically addressing this topic with some great info. I am pointing this out to keep common questions from taking up top spots in the list but also because there is a lot of great info on the list serv already :roll_eyes:

Here are some links:

Also, try the tutorials section here

OK, thanks!

Welcome to the forum; you’ll be riding, sans testicular pain in no time :wink:

Yeah, once you get those pesky testicles removed learning to ride is no problem. That is why the women on the forum have such an easy time with it.

Let us know how the operation goes.