How I learned to Kick up mount.

I was reading RSU and came across the post by Jeff about riding with a cast. When I went to check out the video, I remembered the other vids I downloaded from his site a while ago. I came across the one of him kickup mounting. After watching it a few times, I figured it was time for me to give it a shot. After a few tries I was getting close and could “feel” it. A few more tries and I nailed it twice in a row. Now I can do it once in about four tries.

It wasn’t that hard. I must encourage all of you who never tied it to give it a shot. If you have tried it and can’t do it, keep trying.

Thank you Jeff for posting all your videos online for us to see and be inspired.

Today Kickup mounting, tomorrow the world!!! or maybe one footing.


You picked up the kickup mount faster than I did. I’m still not consistent with it, but I don’t practice it very often.

When I first tried the kickup mount I was sticking my toe under the seat and kicking up the seat with the top of my foot. That method didn’t turn out to work very well for me at all and made the mount much harder for me than it needed to be. I’m now kicking the seat up with the side of my foot and my shoulders are roughly in line with the frame when I start the kickup. If I would have started practicing the mount that way I would have learned it a lot faster.

I tried briefly a month ago. In 30 minutes, I was almost getting it, and I was over the fear of trying. I had to stop though, as I kept sitting on my Reeder handle. Not a good thing. I’ll try more some other time when I get a longer seat post for my kid’s 20 incher.


i learned to kickup mount on my 20" trials uni with a reeder handle, an i learned to do unispins on the same unicycle,
but i only got around to riding seat in back when i got myself a freestyle unicycle.

it took a while to get my kickup mounts to performace level, but i’m glad i did.
now i’m trying to do a kickup mount whilst juggling, which is proving fairly hard.

crank length make a diference to, i had to spend a little while relearning it when i got my freestyle unicycle.