How I got a $300 rebate on my Oracle 27.5

This might work for you too depending on where you work…

So the company I work for has what’s called a fitness reimbursement program to try to help encourage the workers to have a healthy lifestyle. They will reimburse you up to $300 if you spend it on Fitness or weight loss related items such as buying a fitbit, paying for a gym membership, signing up for an approved weight loss program, or buying approved fitness training equipment. It has a bunch of restrictions on the fitness equipment, for example you can’t use it to go buy a new snowboard or set of skis, however it did cover exercise cycles and bicycles when I looked into the fine print.
One of my coworkers successfully used it to help purchase a mountain bike so I figured what the heck why not try it for a mountain unicycle???
Well, it got approved, they reimbursed me $300!

Anyway if the company you work for has any kind of similar program it might be worth checking into!

You might be wondering what company it is that I work for. I would say which one however the company has several policies, restrictions, and requirements whenever making social media posts about the company, which I would rather not have to involve myself in.

At any rate maybe this information might save somebody here some money or help finance a new ride!


I was getting a rebate for my pole classes. As long as there was evidence of regular payment of at least a certain amount and it was some kind of exercise…

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Wait what??? You’re doing unicycle pole dance? :laughing:

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Great idea, I have to look into this!

Pole Dance? :grinning:


I thought you lived in australia and not antartica. :grinning:


And I always wondered, what the abbreviation UPD meant.:grinning:


Well I got a refund from my company about Amazon shopping (I’m in Italy). I wrote M4O asking why they aren’t anymore on Amazon!

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Loads of things on Amazon though. Easy to spend money there.

That’s the idea. I got 1 gift card using all the value the company allowed me to. Collegues are struggling with invoices and agreement from gym, doctor, school bus and so on. Someone is trying to mix 10 different agreement and invoices to reach the same value I get in a bunch of minutes…

Must have been a substantial credit amount from your company :slight_smile:

I work for a U.S. defense company (hint, middle part of “kaleidoscope”) that has a similar reimbursement incentive for exercise equipment per year. Stupid me, I bought a stair climber machine :man_facepalming:

I will remember this for when I need another unicycle, which is like pretty soon.