How great is Hi Definition?

In TWNR, the spokes in closeup wheel shots looked like lines.

They are now clearly cylinders! :o

Can we see some sort of image preview? This is very exciting!


there will be 3 or 4 on the back of the box i’m sure


Whats hi def?

Like hi-fi but for T.V. :smiley:

basically, anything better than NTSC or PAL…although that used to be considered High Def…but High Def was originally used in the 30s to mean the first “standard” for encoding.
Now it means ATSC,DVB or ISDB format.
Lots more info here

Isn’t it digital? So if you aren’t in a good spot to get good reception, instead of snowflakes like a normal tv it gets chunky and choppy (so i’ve heard/think i’ve heard)

At least it makes use of those 20 foot lcd screen tvs at sears.

when i release the next movie, it will be available as a super clear…SUPER clear…DVD, and also on whatever is available to play Hi Definition, most likely Blu-Ray (30GB?) discs.

It’s roughly 4 times the resolution as DVD’s

It biggest screen I’ve played it on was 52" and it was delicious!


not forgetting 4 times the price :smiley:

for a few months anyways…

Hi Def is as much an improvement to standard TV as Color was to Black & White. I bought a 52" Hi Def set a year ago and coupled it with a Digital Video Recorder. Our cable provider only has ten stations in Hi Def and over a hundred in standard digital. The difference is so remarkable that we won’t watch the non HD ones anymore.

Hi Def DVD players are available but in limited supply and very pricey. I’m waiting for the prices to come down.

although this doesn’t really show too much in terms of clarity (other than the detail on very far away clouds) it does show the 16:9 aspect ratio.

This shot is a picture taken to memory from the tape that is playing in the camera…now THAT’s handy! (but clarity on the actual video is WAY nicer than the pic you can take from it)