how good

ok i’m kinda new to posting on here i’ve done it maybe twice, i’ve had my unicycle for about five months and have had about three months practice on it and i can do some stuff,
heres what i can do: forwards, backwards, turn around, stay still (moving back and forth in small area, hovering?) almost “hovering” with one foot, jump, jump forwards, jump sideways, jump off curb, turn around in small space by “hovering”,
go forwards across inch and a half concrete thing, eye’s closed (dosen’t really count), thats about it i think, but what i would like to know is am i any good or just averagefor the amount of time i’ve been doing it?
if you could let me know i’de apreciate it, thanks.

Not to try to correct you but when you say hovering do you mean idling? JUst wondering.

i think he means levitating, and then floating approximately 3 feet off the ground :wink:

i’d say you are somewhere between average and good, tho its really hard to say using such unscientific words.

learn to wheelwalk in another 2 months and i’ll say you’re “great” :slight_smile:


how good

by hovering i mean go forwards a little bit then backwards a little bit then forwards and then backwards again.
staying in one place kinda thing.

wheel walking huh? any tips or advidce?

rocking back and forth while staying in the same place is called idling. doing that with only one foot is called one foot idling. when you say “go forwards across inch and a half concrete thing with eyes closed” do you mean riding along it, or riding over it. what you’re doing is pretty average, but impressive since you’ve been (i’m guessing) out of touch with all the helpful members of i think because of this site, i’ve picked up skills a whole lot quicker. good tricks to learn next include one foot riding, seat in front riding, backwards cirles, and wheel walking.

You’re a lot better than me, but i haven’t had much practice time total, though I’ve owned the unicycle about the same amount of time.

That’s probably pretty good, how many hours you been riding for during those four months.

What you don’t say is how consistantly you can ride backwards with out UPD or what mounts you can do, would be good to know for a gauge on how well you’re doing.


Level 4.

i mean riding allong it.
yeah nobody has shown me how to do stuff which is anoying because when pople talk about things like wheel walking and so on i don’t know exactly what it looks like so i can’t practice.
when wheel walking do you sit on the saddle and put your feet on the tire and walk or do you stand on the tire and walk?

i don’t really know, not a huge amount, when i first got it i practiced for three days inside then i could go forwards but then i stopped for some reason of which i don’t know, i really got back into it at the end of june, before then i did some whenever i could (which wasn’t very often) and could go forwards constantly and jump a little, now though i try to practice everyday but resently it’s been raining loads and i don’t really know how many hours.

whats UPD? i can ride quite constantly bacwards (usually) and i don’t really know any mounts other than the “normal one” (where you put your foot on the peddal and sort of sit on the saddle and then get up)

Video clips of all the tricks in all the levels. (just about) Now you’ll know what they look like.


whats UPD?
thanks fontiminal that uniblog site is bril.

UPD = UnPlanned Dismount
This is when the UNICYCLE decides it is time for you to get off of it:D