How good is the Norco uni? anyone tried it?

cause i might buy it for the summer, cause i need my own uni thats good. this one l


I have a rounded-crown norco with a KH seat, and while it sucks for one-footed stuff (as this one won’t because the crown isn’t rounded), the whole thing seems fairly solid. I had one of my cotterless cranks fall off, but I’m fairly sure that I shouldn’t be taking it off 2-3’ drops :smiley:

This one also seems to be the beefier model. And you won’t regret the seat, that I promise you!

how much is it? you should be able to get a qu-ax for a little more that’s a lot better. It depends no what kind of riding you do, too.

I found out you can glide with a rounded crown

thats what tey did back in the olden days before flat crowns


so do u just take ur feet off the pedals? i do mostly fast pace low end i guess MUni. That uni costs $310 canadian. So i dont wanna pay american + shipping off

That Norco unicycle has a standard square taper hub. It’s not a splined hub. If you’re doing trials you’re going to have problems with broken hubs and bent cranks. It all depends on how rough you are with it as to how long it will last before it starts giving you problems with bent cranks and eventually a broken hub.

Can always try Bedford Unicycles, they’re Canadian, eh? Very helpfull too…

I do not recommend it. i bought it as my first uni, but it can’t take repeated drops of more then 1 foot. to be honest unless you want to upgrade the hub and cranks it is not worth it, i would just save up a little more and buy the 2005 KH, plus the 20" is not good for Muni.
it is a good looking uni mind you… i think that’s what gets people.
also Norco no longer sells replacement parts for it so if you break a hub you are out of luck

one word BEDFORD!! ]