How does a KH36 compare with a UDC36

I currently ride a UDC 36.I would love to hear from anyone who has ridden a UDC36 and a KH36 (for a reasonable length of time ) and how they compare with each other.Is there a noticeable difference in weight, handling etc?

I have not ridden the UDC 36er but have my own nimbus/airfoil/TA/125mm/t7 touring setup with about 3000km on it, and recently rode a KH36er at uninats.

The KH is one sweet ride. There is no frame flex (unlike the nimbus), the wheel is really light (even lighter with a 29er tube), it is isis so you can use the dual hole cranks, and the stock seat is much nicer. The only issue at the moment with the KH is the options for touring handles. I know KH has released the new handle but i don’t rate it. It puts too much flex through to the saddle and to me feels a bit flimsy.

I would still go the t7 over the new KH handle but am really impressed with the KH36er. It just feels so well put together, rigid and light. Once you ride one, i’m sure you will wonder why you put up with your UDC 36er for so long.


This thread might help. I believe what is called the Nimbus Titan in the US is called the UDC 36 elsewhere.

i’m not a big touring knower, but i love that new kh handle. and the new bases with the extra reinforcment virtually eliminate flex, go carbon if you are really picky.

Thanks that thread was very interesting reading.

I have only previously ridden a nimbus nightrider briefly, but the KH36 is totally worth the extra cash. With the new seat, and ability to upgrade to handle, sort cranks, breaks, and how firm/strong it is it is totally worth it. Frame flex sucks.

Handling and weight are better yeah, but I’ve never done side by side.

KH36= Pure Awesome