How do you turn at high speed?

Poll time! When riding at high speed/high rpm, how do you turn? Do you prefer to stay aligned with your uni - such as 2nd and 3rd riders on below picture - or push your uni to the opposite of the turn - like the 1st rider? Does it depend on the uni - rim, tire, crank length, … -?

  • I stay aligned with my uni
  • I push my uni to the opposite of the turn
  • It depends

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This discussion comes from a topic on the French forum. We figured out we had different techniques to make a turn at high speed and I’d like to know more about the why.

Some personal feelings I got over my past and current experiences:

  • a large rim with a narrow tire prevents you from staying aligned with the uni. Example: Nimbus Dominator2 rim (36", 33mm inside) + King George Ultimate tire (2.25")
  • a narrow rim with a narrow tire lets you stay aligned with the uni. Example: Braus Alchemist rim (36", 28mm inside) + Nimbus NightRider Lite (2.25")
  • a large rim with a large tire lets you stay aligned with the uni. Example : KH freeride rim (29", 50mm inside) + WTB Ranger (29x3")
  • never tried a narrow rim with a large tire, but I’d guess it would let you stay aligned with the uni… If the tire stays in the rim :grin:

Note that it may also depends on the pressure of the tube. Do you see other points that could explain why there are different styles?

For me the uni always tilts towards the center of the turn, but sometimes I get scared and move my body to the opposite direction trying to counterbalance the tilt.

I am opposite but my child is aligned and he cannot use this poll. How should I vote?

“It depends”? :grin:

I’m in line with my uni when things are perfect.
When fighting for balance, I’m sure that changes.

So I’m gonna say that skill also comes into it.

When a beginner needs balance help, they reach out with both arms to increase the width of the vehicle (rider and uni) which makes balancing easier to maintain and recover. (armspan is 5’-6’)

Next level is one arm out. Not as wide but still wider than your pedals and shoulders, so still easier than no arms out. (armspan is 3 1/2’-4’)

Last level is to bring the width of the vehicle to the same as your shoulders (or pedals). This balance window is very small and will not tolerate sloppy technique. (shoulder width is less than 2’)

So I see the second and third riders as being more comfortable with their balance point and the first rider is leaning in to make his vehicle wider (from inside shoulder to outside pedal) to help maintain his balance more easily.


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I stay pretty much inline with the uni, no matter what the speed.


I put it depends, because for me on a road ride with dry roads and good traction, I can keep more speed by staying inline with the uni and riding the edge of the tire. If I’m turning over wet leaves, snow, ice, loose dirt, or pretty much any muni except perfect/hero dirt, I will push the uni out to try and maintain as much traction as I can throughout the turn.

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