How do you pronounce "Qu-ax"?

Is it like the duck noise - Quacks? Or is it like standing in a queue for axes - Queue-axe?

Sorry, my phonetic spelling is not great.

qu-ax should be pronounced q ax, or ku ax.

I heard Egon himself say ‘Quacks’ even though I’m of the opinion it should be ‘Que Axe’

oh haha I’ve just been saying each letter individually. Like Q-U-A-X kinda weird.

i say koacks


Interesting, lately i’ve been pronouncing it like


-Shaun Johanneson

I say KOO-aks, or sometimes KYOO-aks

kwah-axe is how i say it.


same thing

There was a thread on this same topic before, but I can’t find it…

I pronounce it “quacks”.

There has been multiple threads about this.

Egon has said that the German pronounciation is usually more like a form of qwaks, but in English it’s pronounced just like it sounds: Q-Ax, or que- ax

Quacks sound about rite id say

I heard Jesus himself pronounce it “cue-acks”.

wow i thought it was like the two syllibles like the beginig of (qu)ack and the axe like the wepon

I say it, and type it, Quacks.

Well Buddha pronounces it Quacks, and Muhammad pronounces it “coo-acks”.


i say it like this


Some people call them Jen-EEs

-Shaun Johanneson