How do you order from Bedford Unis?


I wanna order some flames from Bedford Unicycles, but I don’t know where to order? Their website just has a price list and no ordering info. Second, what color and size of flames do you think would look good on my uni?

there’s a phone number and an email adress on his wesite.

Navy blue and teal flames would look best on your uni.

you wouldnt be able to see them :roll_eyes: id say go with i lighter colour maybe orange or yellow

i’d go w/ something blue-ish or white-ish
i think orange or red or yellow wouldn’t look great
the blue bedford flames are neon blue, so they’d show up fine and look great

just email bedford
he’s really helpful

enjoy the flames :stuck_out_tongue:

Darren is the master at color coordinating flames with colored frames. Call him up and ask what color would go best with a black frame. You’re going to have to call him up or email him to order the stickers anyways.

Just remember that Toronto is on East Coast time if you call him up.

i think a “Im With Stupid” Sticker would go nicely on your uni

unless i’m mistaken, the bedford flames only come in standard colours: red/orange/yellow/blue/black/pink , which are all opaque so (besides black) will all be bright bright bright on your uni.