how do you make a poll

how do you make a poll i just cant do it :o

First you think very carefully about what kind of information you want to gather. Is it important to you only or to all unicyclists? How will you analyze the data you collect? Will you post results of this poll? Is this poll necessary in any way at all? Does it belong it Just Conversation or does it actually have something technically related to unicycling?

After you have reflected on and answered these questions and determined that your poll will somehow be meaningful or useful, you post it. In the new threads page, scroll down and there is a box you can check indicating that you want to make it a poll. Make sure all choices are covered for your poll. Make sure to analyze and post your results. Only two polls that I have seen of the countless polls posted have been done correctly and contained anything at all meaningful.

thanks:D :slight_smile: :wink: :roll_eyes:

that was gold harper.