How do you keep fingers from being bent back?

Are there gloves with finger splints out there? Could you add them, or run something inelastic up each finger like tape or a strip of iron-on patch? I retroflexed my right middle finger hard enough a few days ago to bruise, swell, and stiffen it, and would like to increase my protection before my luck runs out.

Clench your fist when you fall?

Or perhaps try some boxing gloves :stuck_out_tongue:

+1. Some sort of “Mitten” style glove to keep all fingers together, or just some big ass snow gloves or something.
Other than that, I have not seen anything like your describing. Putting a splint in the fingers would make them unable to bend/grasp. Also that might cause more damage than just letting the joint do what it does.
The only other option would be a big guard that extends from the knuckles out to the tips of the fingers but that’d be goofy and awkward.
It happens, man. Just be glad nothing got broken.

^^ what he said, but if you’re like me, that doesn’t always work, so…

Tape them into pairs, sew your glove fingers together, or do what I do:

break em all until I stop falling on my hands :roll_eyes:

Don’t fall on your fingers.

One’s instinctual reaction is to reach their hands out to protect themselves in a fall… this is a great way to sprain fingers and break collarbones.

If you train yourself to fall onto your arm / shoulder / back, instead of on your hands, you’ll have fewer injuries to worry about.

Watch the first fall here. A very graceful transition from arm to shoulder to back. Note that at the moment his hand strikes the ground, his fingers are pointing away from the direction he’s falling.

Yes, my falling technique could be improved, but I’d still

like my gloves to limit my fingers’ approach to the back of my hand precisely when I fall worst.

At the moment I’m working on that. The routine over the last two nights:

Right hand: Ring finger, wrap tight to help reduce swelling from a finger break that happened 3 months ago, also put it in a night time splint.

Left hand: Completely bandaged up overnight as a part of the typical r.i.c.e. routine after a spill that ended up giving me a deep bruise and mild sprain. The gloves would have prevented this but I wasn’t wearing them :thinking: because they make my hand with the broken finger uncomfortable. :frowning:

I go to bed with both hands all bandaged up. The sign of someone that really shouldn’t be doing what they are doing… just too fun to quit.

New thread: How do you convince the wife to let you continue to go out on the hard/fun trails after you keep bending your fingers back?

I view the exploded knuckle break as a fluke and the wrist thing as something that was completely avoidable if I was using my head… but it is hard to conquer instinct. Hands shoot out with fingers extended before I even realize I’m falling and I haven’t developed the ninja skill to fall as slow as that guy in the video. When I go down it feels like I go from wheeee to splat in a fraction of a second.

tilley, you should just go ahead and tape your fingers in pairs, just buy a roll of athletic tape or use duct tape. I did this for a while, it helped keep the fingers healthy until I stopped falling as much.

One thing you could try is to work on “pushing off” when you UPD. Think of it as a three point stance, one hand on the seat, a foot on each pedal, as you lose control, just push off from these three points and pop into the air. This will give you some additional time to spot your landing and it will keep you from “following” your uni into the ground. For sure, you wanna let the uni fall, so learning when to let go is important too.

I have a couple pairs of Hillbilly gloves that are getting old, I’m bringing them with me to giveaway, so if you want a set, they’d make a good base for finger taping.

Learning how to fall is a good thing, but falling from a uni is not like falling to a mat, there are tree limbs and roots, rocks, water, mud, not quite the same as being in a dojo. The worst injury I ever had on a mat wasn’t a fall, it was a broken foot from stopping an elbow :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the offer, but I’ve already got a nice worn pair of hillbillies. Maybe save them for someone more deserving. :wink: My wife needs a pair, but her hands are tiny. Like kid sized.

One thing I will say. That one spill Tuesday was the first time my hand made contact with the ground in 3 months. A record for me. I was super cautious while the finger was healing. I’d just jump off at the slightest hint of a UPD. I was just having too much fun Tuesday and forgot. I need to strike that balance, don’t wuss out early but don’t go down with the ship.

I’ve hyper-extended and sprained almost all my fingers during falls, and the only thing that prevents that I found is as everyone has mentioned … learn how to fall. Clench your fists as you fall, because if you stick a finger out it will more than likely get bent in some way.

The easiest way to deal with sprained fingers when riding is to tape them together with some cheap surgical tape. Costs around R6 (less than $1) at my local pharmacy. It’s a very useful and cheap splint that still gives you enough movement to still do what you need to ITO of holding on etc …

From the time I was playing basketball I got in the habit of ignoring sprained fingers. Fortunately it never happened to me when falling off the unicycling. I just can remember some times when I overextended them when failing at doing unispins. For Muni I recommend back protection. It helps a lot when rolling out of bails. You don’t need perfect technique then and rocks are not such an issue.