how do you glide/coast

ive got the hang of wheel walking and now i want to learn to coast and glide any pointers¿

Well, I am no expert on either one, but I like posting things, so here goes…

To learn gliding, first make sure wheel walking is really solid, then learn one footed wheel walking until that is really solid, and then you can begin working on gliding. Some people recomend just one footed wheel walking down a hill, however, I found it easier to do in a level area. The trick is to learn to let the wheel slip without pushing it, and continue to increase the distance you can do this, until finally you can go quite a ways (especially if you switch to it directly from riding). Some one else will probably come along with more pointers soon, or check at

coasting is a completely different skill, entirely unrelated to wheel walking and gliding (maybe not entirely… ) the best method I know of for learning this skill is to get really good at one footed riding, and then sometime when you feel stable, take your other foot off the pedal. Even though you will most likely just fall off imediately, theoretically, if you practice enough, it will eventually start to work quite well.

Both of those skill are quite a challenge for most people (exceptionally gifted people excepted), but keep with them, and eventually they will become easier. Good luck and have fun!

Before learning gliding and coasting, you may like to work on pull gliding and pull coasting.

Before learning gliding you will definately want to learn to one foot wheel walk.

I will describe pull gliding as the instructions are very similar for pull coasting. The advantage of pull gliding is that you get the “feel” of gliding while still having an extra bit of support. I’ve used this technique to help people begin learning gliding and it gives them a bit of a head start.

Find a friend to help you and get them to stand facing you, with you mounted on the unicycle. Link hands.

Now you need to get into the gliding position. Place one foot on the top of your frame crown and the other foot on the tyre, with the ball of the foot on the tyre. Now start by one foot wheel walking and then once you have a bit of momentum, get them to pull you along while you try gliding. (Ie leave your wheel walking foot on the tyre, but do not move it. You adjust your balance by adjusting the pressure on the tire.)

Because your friend is helping you will have a bit more stability plus you don’t have to find a hill to keep you going and they can adjust their pulling strength based on how much force you are applying to the tyre.

Be aware that if you are holding on to with both hands your friend is liable to get a pedal in the shin if something goes wrong. It is safer for your friend if you just hold on with one arm, but that will be harder for you.

What exactly is the difference…?

When you glide you have your foot on the tire for control and to use as a brake. Coasting has no contact with the tire at all.

Firm agree here, but realize not all had benefit from those methods. For me this way did’nt work at all.

wow kewl… seems easy enough, im wrong i know though