how do you get good air on uni

Hey, I have been unicycling for some time now but mostly muni. I ride a torker lx 24" because i can’t stand 20."
would someone please tell me how they get this freakishly high air and what tire is best 4 this.
if so please make a post or PM me!!!

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the best tire would probably be a 20’’ trials tire(2.5’’ wide)

it takes alot of practice, i dont have tito explain. im sure someone else can help u though on this friendly forum.


tire wise I’d say anything 3" wide, although since you have an LX frame go for 2.6" wide. Deflate to lower range pressures and you’ll get noticably higher airtime. Also, rolling hops and side hops will get you alot higher and farther than static hops. Most of all, practice, practice, practice.

thanx dude, do you know if it is even possible to do trials on 24"
do you know any famous riders who do

Get a muni to replace your lx first of all.

He rides a 24" so a trials tire wouldn’t fit, besides trials tires kinda suck compared to a 24x3 as far as MUni goes.

I do trials on a KH24, 'tis just as fun as on my 19" trials, makes my rolling hops farther 'cause of the added speed.

Justin Khose used to do street with a 24", but I think he switched…

i do trials on a 24.

24s are not quite as maneuverable as a 19", the official world record for long jump was done on a 24" unicycle, but it was beat by a 19", the unofficial record is also done on a 19", and is over 10 feet(or will be very soon)
it doesn’t make much difference for that. as far as height goes, it is all practice, but if you try too hard for too long you get stuck. when that happens, the tendency is to practice more, but taking a break helps more in the end. all you can do is practice, practice, practice

someone metioned rolling hops, sidehops, and static hops.
sidehops were misrepresented, they are a form of static hops, or a few people (such as myself) do them rolling, the rolling hops are obviously done rolling, and are better for distance, and almost the same for height.

the idea is … jumping off the uni, and at the last instant you pull the uni with you, the closer you get to that instant, the better jump you will do…
i don’t suggest learning that way though, just jump… and get used to it.

For pure air I say get real good with sets. I have jumped down 4/5 sets a couple times like I was trying to get up a 3 and you can get pretty damn high.

A 2.6" wide tire would never fit on an LX.

But anyway, the tire doesn’t really matter for rolling hops. It would make it better because of the landing though.

In answer to the original question… Learn to hop, rolling hop, and seat in front hop. Can you already jump at all already?

If so, then just practice jumping more. Practice the technique. Bend down, take off, tuck and spring up while pulling the uni up with you.
Jumping off of high things gets you more air, of course. Ledges, drops, stair sets… Rolling hops are better for those.

yeah :slight_smile:
what he said!

but really, once you get decent, as in you can jump comfortably and smoothly rolling… just have fun with it, don’t pressure yourself too much to increase in height. just jump what you want… if you can’t get on something that you want to, pedal grab it… then just get comfortable with stuff that you had trouble with before.

19" and 24" comparison is a sad one to make, the 24 can move places, the 19 is irreplacable in its maneuverability. if you do more muni:24 is your vehicle
anything else… 19 …

if you go muni/speed/distance you want a 29er or 36er accordingly.

there’s a pic floating around here that is an LX with a 2.6 sqeezed in it, hopefully someone will find it.

if anyone finds that pic could they send it to me. hungry 4 uni

Tada, a Kenda Kenetics 24x2.6 on a 24 inch Torker LX :smiley: