how do you do a wheel walk

ive tryed everything i can think of but i just cant figure out how to do a wheel
walk. :thinking: can anyone give me some advice to help me learn?

toe heel toe heel…
I found the best way to learn was in a hallway holding the walls until you get used to it. The problem many ppl do is that they don’t lean far enough back and end up going faster and faster and lose all control.
here’s a vid I made last year to show someone the foot placement.

yeah, all u do is lean back, if u think you’ll fall, just jump off… that’s all. also, learn to keep your balence going very slow, it helped me

yeah, just wheel walk extremly slow or else you go too fast and fall. once you can ww slow you will eventually get it

you all make it sound like its a piece of cake!!! arg!

Yea wheel walking is hard to learn, i personally learned on a 20 inch, make the seat very very high for just learning, then make sure your arms are straight out for balance not at your side. I personally liked grippy shoes, or a grippy wheel for wheel walking, take you anywhere from 5 days to a month i would guess, took me about 2 weeks, then my friend a month, just depending how much you practice on it.

I have found the solution to my ww delema! Wear Water shoes, they are so flexible that it’s like normal walking!

If you’re not sure what water shoes are here is a pic.


water shoes aye, good against rockfish, god i hate them, i can never catch a normal fish. i alwasy catch a stingray or a rockfish, its really annoying but funny.

soz for off topic. Im also trying to wheel walk, would converse shoes be apropriate footwear or something more like skate shoes?

anything with a good flat tread on it would work pretty good, Converse style shoes are what a lot of freestyle riders wear so yes they’ll be good for wheelwalking. Skate shoes work well too. I’m working on a few instructional type videos right now I’ll try to do one for wheelwalking too.

cant wait for it, should help a bit :smiley:

lol Just don’t let me forget! Friday is supposed to be good riding weather I’ll film for the video then, so PM me every time you remember that way I don’t forget :slight_smile:

video now on vimeo as well

Thanks ducttape

no problem lol it was kinda fun to make.

Ducttape, great vid, I like how you explain it and put the camera nice and close for foot placement. (music is neat too… sounds like music from a movie where someone is overcomming an giant opstacle)
btw- I think in the vid you meant toe-heel-toe-heel (unless it’s a backwards ww)

haha oh yeah… I can’t ww backwards yet. you’re right I said it backwards.

the threads on your unicycle make a difference to if you have a street or flatland unicycle it more grip then a muni or trials unicyclei couldnt wheel walk @ all before with my old trials wheel now i can wheelwalk fine with my street tire

Hm, that’s interesting about the tire. I am having a hell of a time learning to ww. I have tried for months, and can only get max 5-8 kicks. I am on a trials uni though. But most flatland riders ride trials unis right, and they wheel walk all the time don’t they?

Flatland riders don’t usually WW but freestylers do.