How do you Clean hillbilly gloves?

I’ve had a pair of hillbilly gloves for about a year and they are now getting so smelly that I can’t stand to wear them anymore. At this point they are putting out a strong ammonia smell. I always lay them out flat to air dry after each ride. Does anyone have some hints on how to keep them from getting so smelly and how to clean/disinfect these gloves?

I spray mine with Lysol and then put them through a gentle wash. It doesn’t seem to hurt the leather or stitching. I have two pair so one can dry and air out while I use the other. I hate the smell of Lysol so I may try using rubbing alcohol. I’ve heard you can spray with Vodka.

I used to wash mine in with clothing, but they dried out and cracked. So now I rinse them out with warm water and just lay them out to dry. I’d avoid using soap as it will dry out the leather and lead to cracking.

I spritz smell-attracting riding gear liberally with rubbing alcohol. It kill the bacteria, then evaporates completely. Works great.

Perhaps moonshine or corn-squeezins would be more appropriate for these gloves.

I’ve used lysol on all my Muni and MMA gear… it’s been working for years. No need to wash the gloves/shinguards :smiley:

Alcohol-based cleaners will draw the natural oils out of the leather and it’ll be left dry and cracked. If you use such a cleaner, be sure to follow it with a leather restorative or conditioner lest you shorten the life of your gloves.

I can recommend you some great products for leather upholstery… but I have no experience with leather clothing items. How about you take 'em to the dry cleaner and let him sort it out?

Glycerine soap would be good to get sweat salts out out of leather. It’s been a while since i searched for leather reconditioning but several museums have posted their favorite recipes and methods. some are various percentages of glycerine and alcohol. If you have moonshine as Harper brought up you should drink it, develop a lack of caring, and just ride.

Store your leather goods where it is really dry to keep things from growing in it. I store my water bag in the freezer to keep it from turning green.

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for all the good advice. Hopefully my gloves aren’t too far gone to be rescued. I’ll give one or more of these a try and see what happens.

Maybe you can try sticking them in the freezer. I heard that’s the method to use for preventing fungus from growing inside your camelbak. Perhaps it would prevent the odor-causing bacteria from growing on your gloves.