How do you all manage to destroy your Suns so fast?

I kept hearing about how quickly these things fall apart, bend, break, taco, etc. Then I got my Sun 28" anyway, because I don’t ever listen to advice. Everyone said don’t even ride down curbs with it, never hop, etc…even said that in a big warning on the UDC website where I got it for $89.

So, of course, I’m riding it up and down curbs, hopping up and down steps, taking it off 2-foot drops without rolling out at all, and today, I took it to the skatepark where I kept falling on it.
Not even so much as a loose pedal yet.
What do you guys do to your unicycles that you kill them so easily???

Time is the master. (Time can be a disaster.)

Give it enough time and the repeated stress will play it’s toll. My friend John always gave me hell for taking his Lasco cranks off anything over a foot. Needless to say, he broke the lascos one day on a 6" curb. The repeated stress is what causes parts to break.

Here’s my sun 28" which I started riding on the MTB trails. It handles great and i’ve hit all types of terrain.

I got a 20" Sun about two months ago, and have had no problems (aside from the seat sucking a fat one). I expect it to fall apart, but I’m already looking into upgrading, as I get mega-chafing when I ride for extended periods.

yea everyone said my unictar LX was going to fall apart rite away. and nope im doing everything with it. ive took like 3ft drops to flat with her and she is fine. it takes a beating too but it holds up great.:slight_smile:

It’s easy to destroy the sun because the rim is total crap. It warps very quickly. But you get what you pay for, if you aren’t doing anything but riding between places it should last.

my theory is sometimes its the luck of the draw.

i was being pretty abusive to my torkerLX and everyone was convinced it would give out on me, but other than changing the cranks it’s been perfect.

i even joked to enter TOque with it. (i didnt though)

but other people who are far lighter than me, with far better technique doing smaller less-silly things break theirs. we just happen to be in a crew of very lucky people :slight_smile:

Re: How do you all manage to destroy your Suns so fast?

The first thing to break on my 26" Sun was a pedal which just spat out
loose ball bearings onto the street. The pedal may have been
repairable, but it isn’t worth my time to try to maintain $8 pedals.

The next thing to go was the rim. I started trying side mounts and
succeeded once or twice before the rim buckled. I had even tensioned
and stress-relieved the spokes, so the wheel was actually better than

Then the hub broke - the stud holding one of the cranks broke off.

Other problems include cranks coming loose and damage to the seatpost
from the cheesy clamp.

I weight 175 pounds, did not hop on the unicycle, and all of the
problems happened within 6 months of buying the unicycle.