How do Reeder handles attach to the seat?

I was wondering if the Reeder handle (this one) is designed to fit the same holes in the saddle frame as the Miyata’s front handle. It would seem to be the logical hole pattern to use, but can anyone confirm this?

Also can they be used with the standard Miyata seat or do you have to have a carbon fibre seat frame?


The handle can be mounted on a standard Miyata if you use a GB4 stiffener plate. You’ll need to drill 2 new holes.

Pictures and installation instructions can be found here:

Thanks, George. That’s exactly what I was looking for!


Yea… i got a Reeder handle about a month ago and yes i was under the impression that it would attach directly to the original miyata handle holes. Took me ages… the base of the handle is too wide for all three holes to go through the metal plate. Drilling through the metal once was pretty hard. The other two went through the plastic. I had to then level them off and stengthen with washers so i dont rip the seat in half too soon.

N e way after all that it is very strong… my trials riding is so much easier with the handle. A much more comfortable grip. It makes uni spins and kickups abit harder tho… cos it sticks out so far.

So i guess my point is… I highly reccomend the handle. You can install it without the GB4… but its quite tricky…

Heres some pictures:

And in other news, I just met the brother of the guy who invented the Reeder handle (who, coincidentally, has the last name of Reeder. Amazing!)
I let him try out my muni, and he went off and tried riding down stairs. Backwards.
Anyways, it looks like Chris Reeder’s brother will be joining our juggling club. He picked up juggling in about 5 minutes, and then decided he wanted to learn four balls about ten minutes after that.