How Do I Take Care Of My Unicycle

Hello muggles, I just recently broke my unicycle by stripping my crank and ruining my pedals and cranks. Now im short 50 bucks for Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, anyway im getting my new cranks in Monday and i dont want this to happen again so if you could leave me some tips on how or what to do every day before riding to prevent alot of damage!

Well… i normally do these things. :smiley:

  • Maintain it.
  • Give it lots of love.
  • Have extra parts if necessary.
  • Give it a nice polish every now and again.
  • Carry a bike pump when going on long rides. You’ll need it
  • Give it lots of love.

Check the cranks and pedals regularly to be sure they are snug. Don’t try to tighten them as tight as you can make them because you can strip the threads. Just tighten them so they are snug.

I have seen both square taper and splinned cranks come loose on MUni rides because riders did not check them before heading for the trail.

Keep the uni clean and dry. Check all the nuts and bolts regularly so things are not getting loose. Don’t over-tighten.