How do I NOT bend cranks?!?!

Hi, currently I have bent 2 sets of crank arms, thats 4 cranks. My unicycle has about a 25 degree bent. That is my hub bent im pretty sure.(see my avatar for refrence) Im guessing that I should buy some decent cranks.(i.e. a set of kris holm cranks) These cranks are some generic cranks (with hub and rim) off of my first unicycle. yeah… I may need help with this one… Any way that I can absorb shock to keep my bent cranks from snapping? Thanks for help! :smiley:

get splined cranks or dont do such big drops…

Sounds like you’ve got square taper axle/cranks. Those aren’t all that strong.

You should gt splined (KH is splined and won’t fit your axle)

Read this thread: Crank Interfaces

any splined cranks/axle that fits the cranks will do.
this happens to the best of us, until we get good(teeeeheeeehee…Just kidding)
Kris holm
koxx one

one of the above axle(hub)/cranksets, splined… never break anything again.
that said, i have done over a 6’ drop on a CX wheelset and it is true as ever. You could land better, but you have to learn that, you will get it eventually.

Ok, thanks, I was thinking about getting splinned cranks, or atleast get a new unicycle. My current one is a freestyle unicycle that i modded out into a trial one. Im just gona buy a kh 2007 trials/street uni.:smiley:

considering im pretty novice, except for landing like 5ft drops, I really have no abilities at tricks and knowledge of good stuff for unicycles.:wink: I also ride seat in, which makes my landings probably worse :frowning:
but in the end, im kinda good.

hmm, i have been calling unicycling unibikeling for about a year :slight_smile: