How did your equipment work for RTL?

Okay, so this is a more general equipment thread, where everyone is welcome to share some of their experiences about just about any of the stuff used on RTL. I am particularily interested in custom made things like handles or saddles but also frames, brakes, geared hubs etc… So basically anything that turned out to be very useful or anything that broke during RTL - bring it on! Pictures will be very appreciated too, of corse!

Hello? Anybody home?

letssee… My team had two things break on us: Eric’s nightrider tire plus the tube, and my rail-type seatpost from UDC.

Apparently the NR blewout due to a faulty tube and I’m pretty sure it was at the maximum rated pressure (65psi). Part of the bead was ripped out and the tire could not be reused, so we got a new Coker tire and tube from Darren.

My UDC Rail-type seatpost was broken where the rail part meets the black post part. It twisted almost 90-degrees while I was riding. I managed to stay on hit it back to straight and lucky enough, Darren was just around the corner to save me with a KH Rail-type post. So far, I’ve had no problems with the new post.

As for other equipment used, I was using the new T7. It helped and worked well, but just as everyone else has complained, it is not straight. :frowning:

Before the race, I also adjusted my wheel because the nightrider tire was the wrong way around. I only discovered then that this tire had a right way and a wrong way. When it’s on the right way, it repels water a lot better.

Just in case you are wondering, my uni was the complete Nimbus Nightrider Pro.

I installed brakes on it a week before the race, and I don’t think I could have done as well without them.

5 days before leaving home, our 36" Guni suffered some problems (not the hub internals luckily) so that we couldn’t use it. So Beau and I ended up using our regular Hunter36 cycles, with 102/110mm (Beau) and 110/125mm (Nathan) cranks. Everything worked great - Scott Wallis seats, Thomson seatposts, bombproof.

For day 5, with huge help from Kris, Chuck, Arne, Geoff and Florian himself, we got our Schlumpf hub built up into a 36" Guni using a KH36 frame. Beau rode 125km that day on it, using 150mm cranks - worked flawlessly.


Yeah, Josh from UDC looked at the tube and told me that it was a tube failure that caused the blowout. They replaced the tire on the last day, but I still have the coker button tread tire on my 36.

KH/Schlumpf geared 29 with 125/150 dual drilled moments and snafus.

Tire: Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35

seat: Carbon fiber KH with fusion freeride stuff on top and GB4 handles. KH Rail adapter and KH seat post.

Absolutely no problems with my equipment the entire race, no loose cranks, no loose buttons, everything worked great.

The only thing that had problems was my right knee from a previous injury. I am now limiting my unicycle riding to recover (hopefully).

The biggest mechanical problem I had was the tyre was just a little under pressure on the Thursday morning so the first 2 miles I did was a bit tough - but after pumping it up, everything* was flawless.


  • Schlumpf hub, Triton-Sponge frame, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre, MG1 magnesium pedals, water-filled Maguras, Thompson seatpost, T7 (with rear T removed), UDC gel saddle.

Yeah, that was probably my favorite cycle at RTL. However, the water in the Maguras isn’t the greatest idea. The seals need to be lubricated, so you should use the blood brake fluid next time you bleed them… Also, don’t ride in temperatures below 0c :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, thanks for all your replies, would be great to see some nice pix of your setups too! I did see a lot of pictures in the RTL photo threads and blogs, but mostly without being able to connect your names to them.

I never thought I’d see Beau riding shorter cranks than me.

No equipment problems from me.

Coker frame, early Airfoil rim, SS spokes, UDC Std hub, 110mm/114mm cranks, Snafu pedals, KH carbon fibre seatbase/fusion cover/cut down foam, GB4 handle.

Not particularly light but very solid and comfortable set-up. Exactly the same as what I used at the last Unicon.

Thanks, it was my favourite too :slight_smile:

I’ve read a few debates about water/blood oil in Maguras, and the jury still seems to be out. As I knew the temperature wouldn’t drop close to 0c and I had never bled Maguras before, I thought I’d give water a go. It worked fine for me, so will probably leave it in until either I need to do any maintenance or the winter arrives.