how did you get into unicycling?

everyone post how they got into unicycles. i will start first

i had a freind that learned to juggle. he kept teasing me because i could not do anything cool like that. so i started researching juggling, stillts, and what not. then i had never thought about unicycling. i came across and for about a month saved up for a unicycle. i then bought a unicycle. basicly i got into it to show my friend that i can do cool stuff but ones i started learning i forgot about it and now i ride because i love to ride! (but every time my friend sees me ride he gets all mad because he cant do it.):stuck_out_tongue:

my friend and i were doing weird/unique stuff we rode wave boards/ripstiks or whatever but then we couldnt ollie so we couldnt do anything cool and we switched to unicycling cause there are so many more possibilitys

I Saw Kris Holm On That Show “beyond Human” Or Something Like That And Thats When I Wanted To Try And Now HeRE I Am Bustin Up My Knee And Such. :d

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My friend bought one and had been telling me about it so I told him to bring it to my place so I could learn how. Then as I was learning I started watching videos of Kris Holm and I was riding down steep hills and doing 90cm drops a few weeks after first trying it.

My first and only exposure to unicycling as a kid was watching the closing credits for “Welcome Back Kotter”.

I was scrolling youtube one day last year and searcxhed crazy stunts.It came up with the universe 2 trailer and i have been riding one wheel ever since

my uncle got one and he could do it. I had to learn; Like a uncontrollable urge.

I did Bike trial and motorcycle trials in the past. A friends who attended the Bike Trials World Championship in Japan, visited schools and learned about unicycling benefits. Then he bought one and bring to Brazil. One year later he started to ride trials on his unicycle. I saw Kris Holm on New World Disorder. 2 months later a guy started to make unicycles, and he made a 16’ for me (It was in 2001).

I’m riding since 15 November 2001! But I was training BIke Trials more than Unicycling.

In september of 2007 I bought my K1 uni and I really started to ride!

I learnt in a lunchtime club at school, from a math teacher.

A friend of mine bought a unicycle, about three years. One afternoon he told me: " Are we going to play guitars or stay here ridin the unicycle? We went down stairs with beer and hemp and we start to learn. About 4 hours later, three beers and two or three joints we start to pedal.
Step by step, we ride a little more every day.

Well, about three years ago, I was watching this talent show, (I can’t remember the name of the show) and it showed these guys doing trial uni, and it was soooo awesome, I just had get one that year. So I got one for Christmas!! It’s been fun ever since.

A few years ago, Shapr posted a muni photo in a programming channel I frequented; that was my first wakeup that unicycles were actually available (and being ridden) for things other than circuses and parades. At the time, I thought, “Hey, mountain unicycling, that’s pretty damn cool,” and then promptly forgot about it.

More recently, my wife and I were considering acquiring bicycles (neither of us has had one for a few years) as an alternative means of recreation, exercise, and just casually roaming around town. I remembered my reaction to Shapr’s muni pics and said, “Screw this! I want a unicycle!”

What inspired you.

How did you get started?

I saw something on TV (Disney channel I think) about someone who went around teaching kids to juggle and unicycle. It looked cool so I went on youtube and saw that “trials love 99”. A minute later me and my friend were searching for trials unicycles :smiley:

For me it was just something that looked like a fun challenge, so I got my first uni back about 1966 ( :astonished: ) and learned pretty quickly. I was able to ride down stairs, spin in a tight circle, pick up small objects, ride backwards and one-footed.

I took it about as far as the ancient technology of some 40 some odd years ago allowed, but finally quit riding around '68. I don’t remember the brand of my first uni-it’s in my “vintage” uni vid though. Also had a schwinn 20" and 24" back then.:smiley: Funny how after all those decades without any riding, I was able to get right back on again at age 50, like I’d never quit! :slight_smile:

yeah we’re ok, we started with the technology to enable us to complete idiots :smiley: But imagine what unicycles will be like in 40 years time :astonished: Will we be saying the same?

What? lol, not sure what you meant there. But seriously, the uni quality back then was pretty weak. Even cotterless cranks weren’t available when I started, let alone splined!

I remember my cottered cranks would wear pretty fast and could not be tightened after a certain point. The cotter pins would just get rounded and so the cranks would move around when you pedaled. I can only guess but if today’s unis existed back then, I might have turned out to be pretty good!:smiley:

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Read about Aspenmike riding the 78-mile Copper Triangle (Fremont, Tennessee and Vail passes in a single day) last year in the Denver Post and that inspired me to get a $20 20" uni on craigslist to give it a try. I was thinking that it would help my balance while mountain biking and it would be cross training in a way, but it has become so much more than cross training for mtn biking.
I never thought I would be taking it on mountain biking trips. Hoping one day I’ll be good enough to go to the Moab Muni Fest.

Thanks again Aspenmike

I went to a camp near brisbane and 2 guys there had crappy learner unicycles they both had been riding for about 4 years but only Muni so I played around got totally inlove and BAM bought a Kh20 07. Really happy with my choice :slight_smile: