How could this not have been built for unicycling on?

Today I drove past this thing in a small playground and, like any trials unicyclist, pictured riding on it. It’s perfect! It reminded me of this line from a uni trials comp a while ago - . (by the way, did anyone manage to complete that line? Did they do pedal grabs or hop on the tops? Must have been amazing to watch)

Anyway, tomorrow if I can borrow the car I’ll give this line a go. For now, I’ll try to hop up the ramp, to the rail, to the top of one post, then off. Eventually though I’d really like to make it all the way aroudn the tops of the posts. The little diagram is pretty rough and in reality the posts are about 1m apart I think and the rails may be lower. Can’t wait to try it.

It’s funny how hard it is for me to picture any other possible reason for this thing being there! :slight_smile:



can you give us some measurements? also how steep is the ramp?

about that line, the story goes that ryan finished it seconds before the time limit. there is video of it somewhere, but i cannot recall exactly where i saw it. but he pedal grabbed the first 3 then hopped from the 3rd straight to the 4th and off. it was very impressive.

I’m guessing it’s about 2m high at the top, posts are about 75x75mm (3"), 1m apart, ramps are about that steep.

That’s great that Ryan cleaned that line. I NEED to see that video!


the funny part, andrew, is that you replied to the thread that had this video, saying how much you enjoyed it. so you have seen it before! by the way, my description was wrong, ryan hopped to the 1st, pedal grabbed the 2nd and 3rd, and hopped stright to the 4th.

That is funny. :slight_smile: Ahhh, now I remember watching it the first time. Thanks a lot for the link.